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Pause in Prayer – BACK TO SCHOOL (Tuesday, August 20, 2013) August 20, 2013

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Flashing Lights and Sign on School Bus

Proverbs 22:6 

Train up a child in the way he should go [and in keeping with his individual gift or bent], and when he is old he will not depart from it.


For those of us trying to get used to the “back to school” madness with the hustle and bustle of mornings, carpools, preparing lunch, and encouraging study skills—give us peace and the appreciation that you have provided us the gift of raising children.  For those of us who have entered the “empty nest” phase, give us understanding that it’s a good thing to “let go” and “let God.” I ask you Father to give our children a sound mind for understanding, wisdom from you to learn and grow according to your plan, humility to accept direction from parents, teachers and others in authority, and protection as they walk to the bus stop or drive to school.

I ask you Father to give our children the clarity to realize that even though they must be in this world, they don’t have to be “of” this world.  Develop in our children an “other’s focused” attitude in a “looking out for #1” society.  Help our children recognize their need for You and give them the desire to talk to you consistently throughout the day.  Give our children mercy to forgive, and a spirit to love no matter what.  Help them to do as you command and not what others suggest.

I ask that no weapon formed against our children shall prosper.  I beg you Father that each son and daughter would look at their cup half full instead of half empty—living daily in gratitude.  I pray Father that when they fall, they would learn from their mistakes and get right back up in alignment with your guiding hand.  I ask that You provide balance to our children—help them realize that they cannot be all things to all people and that they must learn to properly prioritize their tasks and determine what’s most important by first looking to You.  When their patience is lacking, please provide them Your grace that is sufficient.

I pray Father that each child would know the importance of wearing your powerful armor.  I ask that you clothe them in righteousness and fill them with the fruit of the Spirit, not lacking any good thing You so graciously give to them.

Lastly, Father I ask you to help parents to follow this prayer in their own lives so that we can be the parents you designed us to be—Holy, Wise, and claiming the Promises You have given us. May we not take for granted the precious gift of your Son—speaking His Name over all things – in action and in word.

In Jesus Name




5 Responses to “Pause in Prayer – BACK TO SCHOOL (Tuesday, August 20, 2013)”

  1. carol Says:

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  2. juduck Says:

    This is awesome!  Thank you so much for writing such an inspiring prayer.  I am printing it out and putting it where I can read it daily.  Hope you are adjusting well- I promise when you see his smiling face and hear him happy you will be o.k.    Love you,   Julie


    • susiemc Says:

      Thank you Julie! I appreciate your sweet words. I think a lot of parents struggle with “back to school” — and I am grateful that you have “been there” and can truly speak truth and encouragement regarding sending a child to college. We are surviving–it’s different, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. Connor seems to be adjusting nicely. Love you and John! HUGS

  3. KT Bowles Says:

    Thanks Susie, powerful prayer!


    K.T. Bowles

    Birmingham, AL

    voice 205-908-1996 / text 205-441-3060

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