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Pause In Prayer – HEALING (Thursday, August 1, 2013) August 1, 2013

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Isaiah 53:4a

Yet He Himself bore our sicknesses,
and He carried our pains.


Today, I am moved to pray for the sick and injured.  Forgive me when I complain about minor issues, when there are so many suffering serious physical pain and discomfort. I ask you Father to give each person who is struggling in this area a reminder of Your healing touch. You are the GREAT PHYSICIAN, and we can count on You and believe in thorough healing, because of JESUS and His work on the Cross.  Your Name is above ALL ailments and ALL injuries whether physical or mental.  I ask Father that anyone who is reading this prayer would agree with me and trust that you desire for ALL to be healed.  May miracles take place today in people who are weak and don’t know what else to do.  May their cells line up with Your prescription for full and complete healing!





14 Responses to “Pause In Prayer – HEALING (Thursday, August 1, 2013)”

  1. Portia Brantley Says:


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  2. Christi Hair Says:

    😉 !

  3. Sharon McNees Says:

    You know I needed to hear this today. Thank you!

  4. faye adkins Says:

    I really needed to read this today of all days,was informed just yesterday of a 12 year old Hoover boy,who was getting his school checkup,and was found to have stomach cancer (no signs whatsoever) he is now in Childrens Hospital and then of a friend who suddenly passed away with a heart attack. “The Lord does not promise us tomorrow” Tell your friends and family that you love them,whenever you have the chance. Faye E.

    • susiemc Says:

      Faye, thank you for your feedback. I will be praying for the Hoover boy for a miracle in healing and your friend’s family and loved ones. Times are tough, and I agree…we cannot take for granted anything or anyone. Love you!

  5. Kristy Says:

    And to our sick furry friends as well! Amen!

  6. bkjbbr89 Says:

    Wow, wow, wow! Amen, Amen, Amen!!! 🙂 (No coincidence!)

  7. bkjbbr89 Says:

    One more thing ….we pray EVERY night for Barret’s cells to line up with TRUTH!

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