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Verse and Message (Week of June 29-July 6, 2013) July 1, 2013

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Roxanne & Chris of WDJC Birmingham


1 Peter 5:8 (The Message)

Keep a cool head. Stay alert. The Devil is poised to pounce, and would like nothing better than to catch you napping. Keep your guard up. 

The enemy’s goal is to steal, kill, and destroy.  The devil is interested in causing confusion and he will stop at nothing in an attempt to thwart God’s plan for our lives.  The enemy wants to distract us and rattle us so that others see us as incompetent or weak. His ultimate objective is for us to get lost with the lost! He definitely doesn’t want us to be vessels to find and encourage the lost.   

I had the honor and pleasure of being a guest on “A Call to Prayer” earlier this month on WDJC, Birmingham’s Christian Radio Station.  I was humbled to be a part of this exciting opportunity to encourage others through prayer!

I prepared for this particular morning as I typically prepare for each morning. I got ready and sat down to read the One Year Bible.  I had also prepared by compiling some of my favorite Scripture to use when praying over others.  I knew I would be nervous speaking on the air, therefore, I wanted to have a reference guide of verses available.     

After I left my house, I used my notes to find WDJC. I didn’t use the GPS device on my phone, because I didn’t want to be distracted by my phone.  I left in plenty of time, and I am next to never directionally challenged.  NEVER SAY NEVER!  Satan distracted me, and I kept driving in circles. I felt like I was in the Twilight Zone. Finally, I had to stop and send a text to Roxanne to ask for help. Thankfully, I made it to the station, but I was quite rattled by the morning drama!

Interestingly, the enemy wants us LOST or he wants us to think we are LOST.  In other words, he doesn’t want the lost found, and he wants to distract believers into thinking they too are lost. I thought I was lost that morning, as I allowed the enemy to lie to me about my confidence.  The devil knows who my TRUE NORTH is, and he wants me to question the PEACE that resides in me

Another interesting thing about my morning, I didn’t reference my guide of verses when I prayed at the station, as God placed into my spirit exactly what He wanted me to say. It’s good to be prepared, but God showed me that HE has been preparing me for 45 years for this moment.  That increased my faith.

So, the next time the enemy tries to distract you, rattle you, or to make you feel lost, simply speak the Word of God with…..



Tell the enemy to “GET LOST!”

Father God,

I refuse to listen to the lies of the enemy.  When he tries to distract or rattle my spirit, remind me WHO IS IN ME.  He who is in me is greater than he who is in the world. Thank you for the gift of prayer and the opportunity that I can pray with boldness, because YOU SPEAK THROUGH ME. You have equipped me to be a confident warrior for your Kingdom; a vessel to find and encourage the lost. You will not let me lose my way, because you are right by my side! I trust you to keep my paths straight. Thank you for being my TRUE NORTH!



12 Responses to “Verse and Message (Week of June 29-July 6, 2013)”

  1. Julie s Says:

    I heard you! I thought it was but wasn’t 100% sure. By the time I finish with boot camp in the mornings and morning prayer at church call to prayer has already started. That’s awesome! Thanks for the encouragement. Satans been all over me lately making me feel lost and distracting me. Which is more if a reason to listen to yesterday’s message. Anyway yeah

    • susiemc Says:

      WOW! God is good! He’s always on time! Thank you for your encouraging words! You have a lot going on…working out at boot camp, morning prayer…your whole day is half way through before it’s 7 am! Ha! I pray that NO WEAPON FORMED AGAINST YOU SHALL PROSPER! You are more than a conqueror! 🙂

  2. Mike Wilson Says:

    Thanks Susie great words!

    Sent from my iPhone

  3. Charlotte Hinson Says:


    Sent from my iPhone

    • susiemc Says:

      Thank you sweet Charlotte! As you know, you were the catalyst of why I began writing a verse and message all the way back in 2004! Your encouragement always means so much! Love you and Miss you!

  4. elle Says:

    Susan! God is so good to you giving you all the right words to bless people with and getting you there on His time. whew! I’m so glad you made it. yay! I love you and your messages.

    • susiemc Says:

      I love you, and the precious messages of His love you give me every single time we connect! You are such a wise sister in Christ….thank you for your continued encouragement Elle!

  5. Fletcher, Wendy Says:

    Needed this! Any message sent by you of God’s word is always in perfect timing not matter what the topic!!!

    Thank you,

    Wendy Fletcher
    Re-org/Tenders Dept.
    Sterne Agee
    2 Perimeter Park S., Suite 100W
    Birmingham, AL 35243
    205.414.3205 (fax)

    • susiemc Says:

      WOW, Wendy…thank you for your encouraging reply! I agree God is ON TIME! I am thankful for anything he teaches me! Great to hear from you! Blessings! Happy 4th of July!

  6. Charles Mullins Says:

    I really enjoyed this post and needed it. Love, Mom

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