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Verse and Message (February 17-23, 2013) February 17, 2013

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Luke 11:9

“So I say to you: Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.”

Why ask “Why?” An old slogan of a beer commercial gets real.

In the world we live, there are many questions.

Some extreme Christians criticize those who ask GOD “Why?”

God welcomes our questions.  He expects our questions.  Seeking Him for answers is keeping it real.

I have studied this recently since I posted the following quote on Twitter….

Doubt & Faith can’t coexist! The CROSS is proof that we have 0% proof to doubt!” It was shared during 21 days of prayer and fasting by one of our pastors.

Actually, doubt and faith exist all the time with us.

It’s okay to have questions, it’s okay to have doubts. As long as we use those to propel us towards Jesus who embodies the answers.” (Lee Strobel)

I like being able to share my thoughts in the midst of the social network world.  What’s even better, there are so many perspectives, and I appreciate friends bringing to light those views that I may or may not have opened my eyes to. (Thank you Rob).

Being vulnerable is the best place to be with God. Being vulnerable allows us to recognize our full dependence on God.

Pride keeps us from seeking the answers.  Pride gives us the false sense of confidence that we are above doubts or questions.

Those who don’t ask questions either don’t care, or they think they have it all together.

News flash! NONE of us have it together.  Getting it “together” only comes with the wisdom of knowing that ONLY ONE has it TOGETHER.

That is why it is important to seek to gain wisdom from HIM.  We might think we know a lot, but finding the secret to true wisdom comes only through HIM.

Some folks obsess over understanding HIS ways.  If we could comprehend HIS WAYS, then HE WOULDN’T BE GOD!  His ways are higher.  He’s delighted when we seek Him.  Knowing HIS place defines our place.

Why ask “Why?” Why NOT? In addition…..don’t obsess for the answer….SEEK HIM and let go of the desire to know the answers. The answers will come, in His time.  And….His timing is perfect.

Father God,

Thank you for being the ANSWER that NEVER CHANGES! Keep me humble, and may I always recognize my need for YOU.  I don’t have it together, but I know that when I depend on YOU fully, YOU work in and through me day by day. Thank you for giving me the privilege to come to you in prayer to release my thoughts, concerns, doubts, and questions.  You are my Daddy, and I am grateful for your open door policy.

I love you Father!



4 Responses to “Verse and Message (February 17-23, 2013)”

  1. Melea Sims Says:

    Thank you Sweet Friend! I love you!!

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  2. carol Says:

    Thanks so much-i couldn’t sleep last night so I read thiS and tried to meditate on it-kerry and gabe r in atlanta and I have my cousin zan staying with me but I couldn’t really sleep that well-pray I will get some. Rest tonight! Love u and thank u for your verse and message u r awesome!
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