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Verse and Message (Week of January 8-14, 2012) January 13, 2012

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James 4:6

But he gives us more grace. That is why Scripture says: 

 “God opposes the proud
   but shows favor to the humble.”

According to Merriam-Webster online, FAVOR is defined as “approving consideration or attention.”

In addition, if you look up FAVORITE, you will find the following definition:

One that is treated or regarded with special favor or liking; especially : a person who is specially loved, trusted, or provided with favors by someone of high rank or authority.

I don’t know about you, but I like attention. Who doesn’t? You may not want “public attention” but no human being would frown at approval.

 Although God doesn’t play “FAVORITES” there’s something to be said about when and how He chooses to display His favor. Teachers usually recognize or smile upon the student who goes the extra mile. Well, in much the same way, when we seek to please our Father in the way we live, favor is His natural reaction.

 It’s not necessarily about how much we do or exactly what we do, it’s about the attitude we have and the will and the heart in which we do it. Consistency and persistency get the attention of God.

 Therefore, if we seek Him and live a life reflecting His desires consistently and persistently, favor takes place. Now, if we are only doing something to get His attention, He knows it. When we truly love Him and people, He smiles. True love consists of action and selflessness.

 Once we genuinely begin to make it all about “God and people” the focus comes off of ourselves, and we are less concerned about us and how we can benefit. However, in that position of humility, God cannot help but unload His favor in our lives.


 Father God,

Give me the right heart and attitude to serve You and people. I desire Your attention and approval Lord, but I know these benefits will be a by-product when my actions are sincere and my love is real.  Give me the heart to be consistent and persistent in serving You and Your people. I pray favor on my friends and family.

In your beautiful NAME,



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  1. Louis Says:

    Awesome !!

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