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Verse and Message (Week of Nov 6-12, 2011) November 10, 2011

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Pastor Dino Rizzo of Healing Place Church spoke at Church of the  Highlands for our mid-week service last night. He shared an incredible message about being the “fragrance” of Christ. Our fragrance affects our environment and the people around us.

When we have a FRAGRANCE of “sacrifice” “surrender” and “others” there’s no telling what kind of impact we will have on eternity. When we are identified by the fruit of the spirit, we not only represent HIM effectively, we have the power within us to change the atmosphere where miracles in salvation can occur. We may be the only JESUS people see. That is why it is crucial to live in such a way that we are recognized by His precious SCENT. 

Check out the following video. I think it speaks volumes of the responsibility we have to  influence eternity. The “fragrance” we leave just might create a supernatural domino effect.


Thank you for the privilege to be an ambassador for YOU and YOUR KINGDOM. May we never forget our identity in YOU and how it affects the world around us. May we start each day with a mindset of “sacrifice” “surrender” and “others” as your Son Jesus represented and represents to perfection.



2 Responses to “Verse and Message (Week of Nov 6-12, 2011)”

  1. Kelly Says:

    Thank you Susie! Again you inspire me to continue to walk the walk and talk the talk! Loved the video! Hope all is well with you all. I’m trying to get a Healing Hearts with Art event together for Dec. We will be at the Dream Center on Thurs., Dec. 8 if you all would like to join us. I will keep you posted on future events. Love ya! Kelly

  2. Kelly! You INSPIRE me with your beautiful servant heart and passion for this amazing call on your life. We will actually be in Gulf Shores December 8-11 celebrating our One Year Anniversary!! I will pray for your opportunity at the Dream Center on the 8th! Thank you for your precious friendship and your sweet encouragement! Love you and Miss you so much!! Hope you are still relishing in the “newlywed” life!

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