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Verse and Message (Week of May 8-14, 2011) May 11, 2011

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James 4:14
Whereas you do not know what will happen tomorrow. For what is your life? It is even a vapor that appears for a little time and then vanishes away.
It’s still surreal to me as I think about the overwhelming catastrophic destruction and loss of life that resulted
from the tornadoes that ripped through Alabama and all over the southeast almost two weeks ago. I cringed when I heard a man from Tuscaloosa was found in a tree in Ashville, Alabama. I wondered, was he with Jesus now? On Mother’s Day, I was saddened about the Moms who lost their children, and the children who lost their Moms.
Death is the most mysterious part of our existence. No one knows for sure what really happens detail by detail once we make our passage to the other side. However, we do know and believe what the Bible relates to us about this mystery.
Don’t wait to tell someone you love them. Don’t wait to say you are sorry. Don’t wait to forgive. Don’t wait to say “thank you.” Don’t wait to call that friend you haven’t spoken to in a while. Don’t wait to go have fun because you are too busy. Don’t wait to give your time to someone who needs you. Don’t wait to spend time with your children. Don’t put off another week of going to church, because you have to cut the grass or you have to take care of a spreadsheet for the office. Don’t wait to go see your mom, dad, or grandparent at the nursing home. Don’t wait to live out your purpose for God.
Imminent death has a commanding power to straighten life’s priorities. How we live ultimately influences how we die …where we are headed …and what we leave behind. If we do not guard what matters most, we will be blinded by the world’s idea of success and comfort.
Why not live a life that leaves a legacy of WHO you belong to and live that life now? IF we want more of our loved ones to have the best choice of eternity — then we should be motivated to live a life like Jesus. 
Refuse to have any excuses. Don’t bury your head in the sand. Make time each day to focus on WHO and WHAT means MOST!  Or, you might realize one day…it’s too late!

Thank you for holding us up when everything seems to fall apart around us. Please spread your measure of comfort and supernatural peace to those who have lost loved ones in the recent tornado outbreak. Provide for all those who lost from anything to everything. Teach us to number our days. Guide us to be more like YOU. Give us consistent passion to operate to reach the world through YOUR hands and feet.

In Jesus Name


11 Responses to “Verse and Message (Week of May 8-14, 2011)”

  1. You are so right, Susie. I especially think this line is so powerful: Don’t wait to live out your purpose for Him. There is an opportunity for each of us to do it every day, but we so often choose something else. Or think, “I will get to that eventually.” Through this tragedy, I want to put living out my God given purpose #1 on the priority list. Thank you for putting my thoughts into these beautiful words. XOXO

    • susiemc Says:

      You are such a JOY Rachel! I thought about you as I wrote this post. In fact, you should have been my guest blogger on this post..ha. You wrote the book on knowing the order of priorities and the wisdom in managing what is truly significant from the day to day!! I will be quoting you in days to come, your words are so inspiring. This post was actually derived from an archived post I remembered when my church was in the midst of a series called “30 Days to Live” that took place in January of 2008. It was a series that got my attention….if we all lived as if we only had 30 days to live….Wow….it would be amazing! Thank you again for your continued support and encouragement…it means so much! Cannot wait to meet you in person…Love and Hugs sweet friend!!

  2. You’re right! And I’m not gonna wait another minute to tell you how grateful I am for your life, your ministry, and your willingness to share what God lays on your heart. Love you, Susie!

  3. Michelle Smith Says:

    Thanks Susie!!! Just what we needed!! You are doing a great job!!

  4. debbie Says:

    so true!! love you susie! debbie

  5. sharon guthrie Says:

    I was so touched and moved by your words, they really hit home
    thank you for your devotions.

    • susiemc Says:

      Thank you Sharon. That means a lot! I am blessed that the Lord uses me as a conduit of His Word and heart. He ROCKS…and I GET TO do this for Him! Smiles ….

    • susiemc Says:

      Thank you for your kind words Sharon! God bless you much! Smiles in Him!

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