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Verse and Message (Week of March 6-12, 2011) March 8, 2011

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Job 42:2
“I know that you can do all things; no purpose of yours can be thwarted.”

We went to see the movie The Adjustment Bureau this past weekend. It was a unique twist of how our daily lives are authorized by God’s hand. In the film, “Fate is controlled by the ‘Adjustment Bureau’, a team of fedora-wearing operatives whose job is to make sure the ‘Chairman’s’ plans for us all are fulfilled.” All implications guide the audience to think the “Chairman” is God and the “bureau members” are God’s angels.

One of the members of the bureau falls asleep on the job, thus, allowing the key player to be reunited with a woman he encountered earlier in the story–a woman he wasn’t supposed to ever see again. “Chance” and the angel’s negligence allowed the connection to take place. Throughout the film the adjustment bureau does everything they can to manipulate the destiny of the two.

Although the movie was exciting and entertaining, I am so relieved we do not have to rely on “chance” in our lives. We are blessed to have the marriage of “free will” and God’s “perfect will of outcome” to interact in our daily choices and results. The movie seemed to indicate that even though humans have the “appearance” of free will, God dictates every step we take. As children of a loving Father, we are given the gift of choice, but when we allow His BEST to take precedence, we find His beautiful plan for our lives will unfold. Even though the details of our lives are never a surprise to Him, we are able to relish in the freedom to move in the direction we decide. It’s a wonderful revelation to know that NO PLAN OF HIS IS THWARTED.

We are not robots, yet, we aren’t flailing aimlessly in the natural realm either when we follow His plan for our lives. I trust my life to the One who knows the number of hairs on my head(Luke 12:7).
I trust the outcome of my choices, because even when I stumble, JESUS brings me back to balance. For we have nothing to fear when we place our lives in His hands. Don’t let the devil ever tell you that you are in charge, because it’s a lie…..If you try to be the “chairman” you will fall right out of the chair!

Thank you for being my Savior and Loving Chairman. What chaos this life would be without your direction and purpose for my life. I choose to relinquish control of my circumstances, because you have proven that your ways are higher (Isaiah 55:9), and no plan of yours can fail. Guide me in humility each day as I select the steps to take. Life is much easier when I am not trying to play tug-of-war with You!
In your beautiful Name,

10 Responses to “Verse and Message (Week of March 6-12, 2011)”

  1. Amy Henderson Says:

    We stopped by the theatre yesterday on the way back in town and saw the movie. I enjoyed the movie and loved your analysis!

  2. susiemc Says:

    Awesome! Thank you for being such a dear friend and neighbor. Love you!

  3. Kelly Says:

    Thank you Susie for such a beautiful message! Were you talking to me? LOL! I needed to hear that message this week. As I move forward with my engagement, and ultimately re-marriage, I need to be reminded that although I have stumbled, in a big way, I have His grace & forgiveness and that I have a clean slate every day to be born again. Funny that I listened to Third Day’s song, Born Again, today, over and over, and then read your message…think someone’s trying to tell me something? I think so!
    Thanks for listening to me ramble and for listening to me with all my worries this past weekend. It really is comforting to have someone to listen to you without judgement or conviction.
    In His Grace-

    • susiemc Says:

      Hey Kelly! The greeter lunch at Zona Rosa was a special time to connect. We are so excited for you and your upcoming marriage. Just remember to seek God in everything, and listen to the Voice of Truth, not the other voice! Redemption and forgiveness are the most beautiful treasures our Savior gives…and we can receive them and embrace these gifts each and every day to stay in His perfect will for our lives. God is so good! I am so joyful for your future. Jeremiah 29:11 I can’t wait to hear more! Love ya!

  4. This is beautiful, Susie. “No plan of His is ever thwarted,” I just love that. When I finally slowed down long enough to actually be still and listen to the messages God was sending was when His plan for my life unfolded. When I surrender to Him and let go of what I think should happen or how I think things should turn out, the most amazing results occur. Thank you for your message today!

    • susiemc Says:

      I am so blessed to be “blog buddies” with you. Thank you for your encouragement, and thank you for your daily inspirations. I love the name of your blog and the precious subject matter. God bless you much, and I plan to include your blog link on my blog roll. Smiles in Him sweet new friend…can’t wait to meet you sometime!

  5. Louis Says:

    Nice job, sweetheart !! Right on Point ! A man after God`s own heart is a man who will Always love, honor,and respect and appreciate their equally yoked mate ? It seems that way, after all God is in Total control, Right ? Just gotta let go baby and Let God !!!

    • susiemc Says:

      Thank you Louis! God bless you much! I pray you are well, nice to see you (even though in passing) last Sunday! I appreciate your encouragement and feedback! Hugs!

  6. A_Garris Says:

    ….and how wonderful to know that our free will, when done in obedience to God, will not impede God’s perfect will, and that the work that He has begun in me, He WILL complete (Phil. 1:6)!! I make a lot of mistakes, and not always the best decisions, but I am happy to know that everything is in His sovereign control.

    Thank you for sharing this.

    • susiemc Says:

      Thank you so much for your kind feedback! It is such a beautiful thing that His Name is above everything, that He indeed is Sovereign! Smiles In Him!

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