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Verse and Message (Week of Oct 31-Nov 6, 2010) November 3, 2010

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Ephesians 5:1 (Amplified)
THEREFORE BE imitators of God [copy Him and follow His example], as well-beloved children [imitate their father].
 Wood Cross
Lots of people tell me I look just like my mother. However, the truth is — my mannerisms and my actions reflect my mother. I actually favor my dad and his side of the family in appearance.
The other day a dear friend and neighbor of mine emailed me a copy of an essay her daughter had written about her dad. It is a precious writing, and I wanted you all to have the opportunity to read it and absorb it.     
Below are her words. The sweet writer asked to remain anonymous.
“When I think about what makes me who I am, I think of
my best friend, my “GO-TO” guy, and the person I know…
People all my life have told me I look exactly like him.
We both have tan skin, dark brown eyes, and brown hair.
I also get my tall height from him, because he is 6’3″
and I am 5’9″.
People have also told me we act just alike.
They say I get my humor from him, and the way I act
to people. We both always like to meet new people,
and make new friends. And, practically everyday my
mom tells me I’m so much like my father. I also learned
how to raise one eyebrow from him.
When we both do it at the same time,
we look like twins.
My dad is someone who I can always look up to.
Even if he is in a bad spot, he always knows how to
make it seem better, when you thought it
couldn’t get any worse.
I can tell him everything, and he will always
love me as he did before. It doesn’t falter one bit,
and that always comforts me.
If I’m feeling lonely or down, I can always
go to him. That’s why he’s my go-to guy.
If I am having trouble or something, he always
sits me down in his lap and hugs me.
He is also the funniest person I know,
always making witty remarks about
something you’ve just said.
He can find the funny in everything.
Most of the time I wish I was more
like my dad–
all in all, he is funny, charming, smart, talented…
 (he plays the drums and is in a band),
sweet, nice, and loving.
I am my dad.”
I was so moved by her heart! Any parent would be delighted for a child to have that perspective.
It’s interesting, we have a “GO-TO” DAD WHO will NEVER fail us. When we spend time with him, we reflect His nature. He is delighted when we come to him and and sit at His feet. The more we are around Him the more we begin to “look” like Him. His Holy Spirit within us shines through, when we approach Him with the innocence of a child.
We must remember that the world is watching. Our actions speak louder than anything we say. If we are passionate about our Dad, others will want that same gift.
My hope is that the LIGHT of Jesus reflects through my words and actions. Isn’t it amazing that He loves us without conditions….no matter what we do or say?!
Daddy Loves You
Do you look like your Dad?
Shine His LIGHT today!

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