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Verse and Message (Week of Feb 7-13, 2010) February 11, 2010

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Matthew 19:4-6
“So they are no longer two, but one. Therefore, what God has joined together, let man not separate.”
Bride & Groom 
Most parents brag about their children….and yes, I have my fair share of kudos when it comes to my son, Connor. However, lately, it’s been all about my mom and dad. They had the rare and beautiful gift of being able to celebrate their Golden Wedding Anniversary this past Saturday. (Check out the attached photo made on February 6, 1960) 
I have been pondering on what to write to compliment this moment in time. The term “commitment” has resonated in my spirit consistently lately. Pastor Chris Hodges defines MARRIAGE as “the unconditional commitment to an imperfect person.”  
It’s interesting that most, if not all relationships, require some form of commitment. However, the relationship is only as strong as the continued commitment. Most can commit or pledge to do something temporarily…however, a continued commitment is the key to true commitment.
If we make a commitment to grow a garden in our yard, planting the seeds only starts the process. The act of nurturing the garden is necessary in order to keep the garden growing healthy. The wedding in a marriage covenant implies that that a couple promises to stay together until death on earth parts them. The wedding is an event like planting a garden, but the marriage is the process. The marriage requires cultivating communication and nourishing romance along with a host of other tools to keep the marriage healthy.
The promise phase of a commitment is powerful, but there is more than a statement involved in a lifetime promise. The commitment to honor and cherish that person starts over every single day. Love is truly an action…not a mere feeling. Love is work, although it’s rewards outweigh the costs–but love does cost.
The same goes with our commitment to Christ. We are justified to Christ when we commit to accept Him and walk with Him according to His will. However, our actions following the promise phase insures our true heart of commitment.  We are continuing to be sanctified daily even though justification occurred at salvation. The sanctification process is the journey…not the original event.  The commitment falls apart if we are not consistent in staying focused and keeping our gaze on Him. Just as a marriage will dissolve if a spouse takes his/her gaze off of the other, if we take our eyes off Jesus, we will experience distance. Loving the Lord should actually be easier than loving our spouse or child….because when we choose to love Jesus….we know we are loving One WHO IS PERFECT!
We cannot live off past commitment vows or we will become complacent and possibly distracted in our path. There is no such thing as being in “cruise control” in a relationship.  If you think you are just going with the flow…that’s a LIE…and you will soon find yourself falling behind on your commitment. Just like we can’t live off of the original decision to accept Christ or count our baptism as “been there and done that” and go on our merry way. We are baptized in Him daily if we are truly committed to watering that garden!
Broken friendships, divorce, and distance from the Savior don’t happen overnight! The degradation of relationships occur when commitments are neglected or taken for granted. We must honor our commitments in the good times and the bad times. It’s easy to stay on the straight path when everything is peachy! We obtain real character and growth when we stand strong on our promises and work on those commitments each day! The key is to keep our eyes on JESUS–Who is 100% faithful in keeping His Promises! He’s the best example to follow….
 Valentine heart plant 


One Response to “Verse and Message (Week of Feb 7-13, 2010)”

  1. Karen Ellis Says:

    AMEN SUSIE!!! Once again you nailed it! Thank you for all your verse and messages!! You truly touch me with your Verse and Messages and you sure think like I do. Love in Him, Karen Ellis

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