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Verse and Message (Week of Dec 6-12, 2009) December 11, 2009

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Luke 2:7
She gave birth to her firstborn, a son. She wrapped him in cloths and placed him in a manger, because there was no room for them in the inn.
Back when I was in junior high, I went to the beach with my mom, my dad, and one of my best friends Wendy Cook. I will never forget it, because for whatever reason, we had not made reservations for the first night. My dad drove up and down the beach looking for a hotel where we could sleep. If my memory serves me correctly, we must have left for our vacation a day sooner, thinking we could stay along the coast in a hotel one night until we could get into the condo further down the beach where we had a reservation that began the following day.
I recall seeing a gazillion “No Vacancy” signs in the windows of the motels and hotels. Very late that evening, we found one after a lengthy night of searching. We were so delighted, because we were exhausted and ready to go sleep. The only problem was that the air conditioner unit was broken in the only vacant room….we were miserable. The heat was overwhelming….we would have been much better off sleeping in the car that evening in the hot mid-summertime.
The Lord dropped this memory in my spirit today. I believe it’s due to the fact that the Christmas Story includes a similar experience. Well…not quite…but, we do know that Mary and Joseph were unable to find a room at the inn. The general manager could not provide them a room, much-less a room without a proper heating and air unit…ha….they only had the option of a stable. Hmmmm…imagine sleeping beside some dirty, noisy farm animals.
The Nativity that we have grown to recognize has such a sweet appearance to it. I imagine there was only one sweet part….and that being the perfect baby….the Son of the Living God.
I feel like the Lord led me to share this message, because I think I have been wearing a “No Vacancy” sign to Jesus lately. I have been overwhelmed with work, activities, chores, Christmas functions, Connor’s activities, etc. You name “it”—I have had “it” on my “to do” list lately.
Unfortunately, the Lord hasn’t always been at the top of the list……consequently, there hasn’t been enough room for Him.
I have learned over time that He blesses me in such a remarkable way when I make room for Him. When He is top priority, He redeems my time, and I am much more capable of completing tasks and projects than I am when I organize my own agenda.
Our Savior should be treated like a VIP…..He should not be getting what’s left….like a stable of dirty farm animals….He should have every part of us.
Have you made room for Baby Jesus lately?
He deserves our BEST!
Don’t miss the reason for the season…..

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