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Verse and Message (Week of July 12-18, 2009) July 15, 2009

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Skydiver 1
Hebrews 11:1
Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see.
Once again, I am bombarded by a particular message I feel the Lord wants me to share in my weekly email. Today’s focus is on FAITH.
The thought began at our service on Sunday. We shouldn’t wait until God fills in all the blanks in our life. In everything God does, He will never give us all the information to take the next step. He is pleased when we step out in faith; He will fill in the gaps with His beautiful plan.
Sometimes I truly desire for God to create an atmosphere in which I don’t have choices…..but then, I would be His robot. He created us for relationship, and He desires that we make decisions with our free will but doing so honoring Him as our Father Who has 100% wisdom. He delights in guiding us, but He doesn’t want to dictate our steps….He wants us to take our own steps while following His lead in making decisions. This requires faith and trust.
The next revelation from this topic took place Monday night as I was scanning facebook. While reading status updates on my friends, I ran across my dear friend Cecelia who works at the YMCA in Trussville. Here’s what she had to say:
Cecelia Woodson Lowe at 6:03pm July 13
Grab the book nearest you. Right now.
* Turn to page 56.
* Find the fifth sentence.
* Post that sentence AS YOUR STATUS. AND POST these instructions in a comment to this status.
* Don’t dig for your favorite book, the coolest, the most intellectual. Use the CLOSEST book to you!……
I love exploring, so I followed her advice–I grabbed the book nearest me….Be Still and Know That I Am God by several contributing authors. I turned to page 56 and here’s what I found to be the fifth sentence:
“Yet we tend to run off in our own direction, presuming that the way we are going is His will.”
Ok friends…so how do we balance what we are supposed to do? We presume we are headed down the correct path, when truly, we are going our own way. How do we know whether we are in the right place or not?
Well, I was refreshed to receive the following message from Denise Carter, another dear sister in Christ.  The following message she sent me was taken from The Language of Letting Go by Melody Beattie. Check this out….it’s so amazing to me how this relates to the aforementioned references…
Sometimes, the way is not clear.
Our minds get clouded, confused. We aren’t certain what our next step should be, what it will look like, what direction we are headed.
This is the time to stop, ask (God) for guidance, and rest.  That is the time to let go of fear. Wait. Feel the confusion and chaos, and then let it go. The next step shall be revealed. We don’t have to know now. We will know in time. Trust that. Let go and trust.
Additional corresponding insight was included in Rick Warren‘s “Purpose Driven Connection” message yesterday…..
You have to let go of security. You cannot move in faith and hold onto the past at the same time. You have to move forward. God told Abraham that He was going to make him the father of a great nation, and that meant Abraham had to leave his home for an unknown destination. Moses had to let go of his position in Pharoah’s kingdom in order to do God’s will. In other words if you want to walk on water, you’ve got to get out of the boat.
A great illustration of God’s plan is a trapeze artist. They swing out holding onto a trapeze bar, and then they let go in order to grab hold of another trapeze bar that swings them to the other side. But, at one point, they’re not holding on to any bar. They’re suspended in air for a split second.
If we don’t let go and grab onto what God wants us to have, we will swing back. However, when we swing back, we will swing lower and lower until we lose our momentum and settle for being “stuck” (not God’s best plan) on the trapeze bar where there is nowhere to go but down!
That mid-air feeling might seem scary, but when we truly LET GO AND LET GOD, He promises the ride of our life. We must trust and pray for Him to help us with our unbelief and dismiss that fear of the unknown. We must pray for discernment so that we will be confident with the next step we take. If we had any idea what was on the other side of that barrier, we would probably sprint to it! He makes all things work together, and sometimes He takes us down another path to test our faith.
In conclusion, I thought I would share a recent status update I posted on facebook:
SusieMc Mullins McCullum knows that as we walk by faith through the challenges of life, we can go with confidence, trusting that our God is BIG enough to meet every need — even when we are clueless as to what lies ahead!
Gold Cross
I hope everyone will have a renewed strength and courage to step out more! God is a God of surprises……and even if we think something is good…..He has something better figured out for us.
 Bungy Jump 

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