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July 1, 2009

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Micah 7:7
As for me, I look to the Lord for his help.
  Wood Cross
John 8:36
So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed.
INDEPENDENCE DAY – JULY 4, 2009  God Bless America 
The day of July 4 is celebrated in the United States to commemorate the adoption in 1776 of the Declaration of Independence**
What does that mean to us? It not only means a much needed day off from work, lots of Bar B Q and watermelon and fireworks…. it means that we live in a spectacular country with blessed freedom!  God designed for me to be born at St. Vincent’s Hospital in Birmingham, Alabama in the United States for a reason! We should never take for granted that we are citizens of this beautiful nation…. “The Land of the Free.” 
 Uncle Sam Hat 
According to The American Heritage Dictionary….
Independent is defined as being free from the influence, guidance, or control of others; self reliant.
Dependent is defined as relying on the aid of another for support.
Both of these “state of mind” concepts have been abused in our society. So many people depend on others for their so-called happiness. Friends and family members are our gifts from God, but we must not put our whole mind, soul, and heart in reliance on any of these people. The responsibility of being totally dependent on any human is too great for the imperfect human creation. People will disappoint us. People will leave us. People will hurt us. People will take advantage of us. People will lie to us. People are flawed and often unforgiving.
The only perfect person to walk this earth came as Jesus Christ, the Son of God
On the flip-side, some lean on the side of being too independent. This person claims that he doesn’t need anyone–he take care of himself. He has too much pride to ask for help. He wants to do it all himself. He lives in a secluded universe where love is not welcome. These individuals are truly crying for help by their cold existance. If you think they are only independent of human support, they are miles away from asking the Savior to assist in their daily agenda!
Christ gives us both the joy of being dependent on Him for every need on this earth as well as the independence of FREE WILL to make our own choices. He loves us more than anyone could ever love us. He loves us so much that He gave it ALL up at the CROSS so that we could live in true freedom (if we take it)! 
His blueprint for our lives allows us to discover the freedom and joy of being the person He designed us to be, simply by surrendering…you know, holding up the white flag…it is a sign of strength, not weakness!  He wants us to cast our cares on Him; He can handle it! He’s in the business of multi-tasking–it’s His specialty! Without Him we are not free!
True freedom is knowing that the love of Jesus doesn’t carry an ounce of condition! Don’t be strapped in the shackles that Satan so shrewdly offers. Embrace TRUE FREEDOM in Christ…but don’t forget it wasn’t FREE for HIM!
Remember to be grateful to all the men and women who have fought and/or continue to fight for our freedom in the USA! Again, freedom isn’t free! It has a sacrificial pricetag!
Fish 2
Join us at Church of the Highlands tonight as we celebrate our beautiful freedom through worship, fellowship, and fireworks!
The evening kicks off at 7 pm

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