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Verse and Message (Week of June 14-20, 2009) June 18, 2009

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Psalm 118:24
This is the day the Lord has made; Let us rejoice and be glad in it!
Many of you are aware that I am a seasoned runner. However, since October of 2006 when I completed the Chicago Marathon, I have been dealing with a nagging injury. I have done everything to remedy my problem. I have prayed and prayed and prayed, and I have had others pray. I have been to five orthopedic surgeons, and I have had three MRI’s in addition to an assortment of other tests including the basic X-Ray at least six times. I have had chiropractic therapy, physical therapy, and I have rested …boy have I rested. In fact, I haven’t run normal in so long, it’s difficult to get motivated to run again.
Monday night I had an extremely pleasant and vivid dream. I was running a marathon….and I was smiling. I didn’t have pain, and I was having a blast. I was talking to people, and I was enjoying the scenery. 
There is a significant contrast in the marathon I dreamed about the other night and the marathon experience I endured in Chicago. During the Chicago Marathon I was so focused on getting to the finish line that the entire race was a blur. I was so intent on a personal record, tunnel vision is an understatement. I did finish with a personal record of 3:31:16…but was it worth it? Within a couple of weeks following the race, I developed a chronic calf issue. (Refer to opening paragraph). 
Question Mark 
I have been asking WHY WHY WHY…WHY can’t I be healed God? And, He has revealed His answer in numerous ways the past 2.5 years. I became addicted to running, and looking back, I realize that running was my God. Truthfully, it wasn’t enjoyable anymore, because I missed the point of the activity…ie…to have fun and stay in shape. 
Monday night in my dream…..God revealed something else to me. He wants me to embrace the beauty and benefits of the journey. I have had extreme “destination-itis.” When something is taken away from us, such as running or another hobby or activity, it might mean that we need to stop and smell the roses, and enjoy other attractions along the road.
I have stopped searching for a solution to my injury. I am content with knowing that God is completely aware of my leg problem. He will heal me…in fact, I may already be healed..I just haven’t had a chance to run lately to test it. I have been enjoying other attractions…finally.
Sometimes we are so focused on a mate, a career, having a child, buying a house, graduating from school, etc…..that we bypass the attractions (good distractions) along the way. Life is a marathon……it’s not a 5K sprint. Life is meant to be taken “one day at a time.” We need to stop striving…and just be. We won’t be able to recognize the blessings that are falling in our lap if we are too intent to conquer what IT is that we think we need.
By the way, when I crossed the finish line in the marathon that I ran in my dream… finish time was 3:40 ….the most difficult qualifying time for women to enter into the Boston Marathon. The funny thing…..I never even looked at my watch during my dream marathon…I was having too much fun! I wasn’t preoccupied with the destination..I was delighting in the moment!
When we accept Christ as our Personal Savior, we are automatically qualified for the prize…..and we don’t have to strive to reach the finish line…..we just receive Him…live a life for Him….share His love along the mile markers of life….and rejoice and be glad in His beautiful unfolding plan for us! He doesn’t want our life to be a blur…He wants us to live on purpose, and relish the steps along the way. We will reach our destination, when it’s time. Remember that today matters. The prize awaits, but don’t hurry through life….you just might miss something great!
 Jesus Fish  

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