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Verse and Message (Week of March 1-7, 2009) March 3, 2009

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Alarm ClockDon’t forget Daylight Savings next Sunday, March 8!
The following verse and message includes my opinion of a current motion picture. The message is not a reflection of any particular person who is a part of my past. It’s simply an illustration to exalt the Man Who guarantees to be my present and my future.
Revelation 3:20
Here I am! I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will come in and eat with him, and he with me.
A couple of weeks ago, I went to see a current “chick flick” at the big screen — He’s Just Not That Into You. The movie is based on the book written by Greg Behrendt and Liz Tuccillo. I typically anticipate a movie to be an exaggeration of sorts…..thus, being able to say, “It’s just a movie.”  I must admit, however, that the plot/subject matter of this movie was dead on target.
The basic theme has to do with how we pursue others in relationships and how we perceive their response to us. Women are emotional beings. We analyze and overanalyze till we are worn out. Another gift we chicks have is the skill of persuading ourselves a picture that is not accurate. We even go so far as to support and encourage our girlfriends to view things through rose colored glasses. What I am referring to can be clarified in the following scenario:
Boy meets girl. Girl likes boy. Boy seems interested at first, but boy changes his mind and decides to express a cordial or polite “exit” with the girl. That sweet “walk away” was a “let you down easy.” Girl doesn’t perceive it that way. She reads what she wants to read into it.
Bad Break Up
Girl waits for boy to call. Boy doesn’t call. Girl wants to call him. Her Girlfriend assures her that boy probably lost her number, so go ahead, touch base with him. Girl leaves message on answering machine for boy. Girl continues to wait for boy to call. Boy continues “not” to call. Girl decides to send a text….just a casual text. The cycle goes on until boy finally makes sure there is no argument, he is blowing girl off….boy is simply… “just not into girl.
Girl cannot understand…..she thought boy was “into her,” so she labels him “jerk” while girlfriends console. Bottom line….when a girl is interested in a man who is not interested in her, she will consider every excuse in order to avoid admitting to herself that he is not smitten with her. Realistically, all along, boy didn’t deserve girl anyway.
I was pondering the drama of the different scenes of the movie and thinking, what guy out there hasn’t done this to a girl before? What silly girl hasn’t responded exactly as the aforementioned example. Ok, I am not being sexist here, because quite often the above scenario is played out in reverse.
In reflection, wouldn’t it be cool to meet someone who would not represent this discouraging example? Well,there is Someone -the perfect Guy. A Guy who always answers when I call; Who is actually waiting for me to call on Him; He is anxious to set up a date with me; He makes excuses for me when I ignore Him, and His forgiveness of my selfishness and disrespect is infinite; His love is pure, consistent, and unconditional.
I Love You Mug 2 
That perfect Guy is Jesus Christ. He is a gentlemen. He pursues all of us as His bride. He is hopelessly in love with us. He wants all of us to come to Him. But, guess what? He’s the One Who receives the cold shoulder. Our disinterest in Him doesn’t matter; He is passionate about chasing us! We make the choice whether to give Him the time of day or not..but nonetheless, He sacrificed everything for us! We are His beloved…..He proved that over 2,000 years ago.
 Gold Cross 
The perfect match-up results when we begin to open our eyes to how blessed we are!  We begin to appreciate His deep love for us. Those of us who are confident in our faith are certain that He will never leave us, but we may still take Him for granted. We also learn that each time we step away from Him, we become empty. No matter who or what else we seek, we will remain empty–missing something–until we reconnect with our Spirit-Mate. 
Being a Christian will cost us something. In fact, it will cost us everything. We don’t deserve Him….we will never deserve Him…He’s way too good for us…in fact, our best effort in response to Him is but garbage. 
Jesus Christ has no commitment issues. We have the commitment phobia. After chewing on that thought,He revealed to me that the more I put into my relationship with Him the more I will get out of it. It’s a WIN-WIN. 
In addition, we are all capable of “going through the motions” but He is concerned with our hearts. It’s a relationship, not a religion.
All relationships involve sacrifice. Our Savior doesn’t need us….however…..He is head over heels in love with us….He desires to be intimate with us …and He wants to complete us. If we desire to be complete, we have to sell out to Him….simply by laying it all at the Cross …every single day!
  Easter Cross 



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