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Verse and Message (Week of January 18-24, 2009) January 21, 2009

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Job 42:2
“I know that you can do all things; no plan of yours can be thwarted.
 Wood Cross  
The aforementioned verse is one of my new favorite verses. It’s clearly a relief to know that no matter how much I mess up….God can use me as well as the havoc I create. IF we didn’t mess up, we wouldn’t need a Savior. To further elaborate this point, I rewrote a theme on a message I received in December from the on line devotional series, “Crosswalk: Girlfriends In God.”
God will take our mistakes and pain and bring good out of it. If we let Him, He will use the pain of our past and the consequences of our mistakes as a foundation to grow us and make all things new again, therefore, advancing us into more effective ministry for His Kingdom. 
As difficult it is to face at the time, the strength that we gain from pain, can be gained no other way. What is the old saying, “Experience is the best teacher”?? Well, we know that the real Teacher is the One Who is in charge of our Experiences. However, we being who we are …..imperfect but created in His image, we have the gift of making our own choices…ie free will. God won’t remove our mistakes, but when we seek Him and His divine mercy, He offers hope and allows our eyes to be open to His wisdom, power, and insight. He uses our mishaps and struggles to mold us to become more like Jesus. Don’t ever say that you have wasted your time in any arena……whether it is a job, a relationship, a project, etc…..He will use every single experience to guide us all to victory.
When I look back on some past trauma in my life, my vision is clear of what God was doing. At the time, I cried out, “Why God?” He is forever faithful. In fact, He made things better than before….and uses me and my experiences to help others going through similar trials. There’s something so cool about truly being able to empathize with someone as opposed to just sympathizing in the tough time they may be going through. When I can share the sincerity of my past pain, and declare in confidence that “I am more than a conqueror”…..I have given someone who might be hopeless a light from Jesus that he/she may have never seen without my tribulation. 
So, here are some thoughts to ponder as you reflect on your past pain and mistakes:
*God uses mistakes to direct us.*
YieldOne Way
Some of the most stupid things I have ever done have yielded the most prominent lessons in my life. God has a unique way of revealing what needs change in my life. When He gets my attention, I am more apt to trust His direction. If I would listen to Him at the beginning, however, things would be less complicated.
*God uses mistakes to inspect us.”
How we react to mistakes and trouble will test the strength and reality of our faith. If faith is tested, our endurance has the chance to grow, ultimately building our character and making us into the person we were designed to be. (James 1:2-3) 
*God uses mistakes to correct us.*
Sometimes a child has to burn his hand on the stove in order to comprehend his mistake and further give him the sense to resist the next time. No matter how many times a parent says “NO!” the child does his own thing. Don’t we tend to try to do things our own way? Our own way never works.
*God uses mistakes to protect us.*
Construction Barrier
I cannot help but think about the stories I heard in regard to 9/11 with people who were late to work, because of procrastination or whatever they might have been doing instead of being where they normally are in the Twin Towers. So, don’t fret when you have left your cell phone at home… may be a diversion to keep you from getting into an accident on the highway.
*God uses our mistakes to perfect us.
 Angel 3 
Our relationship with God and people and our character are the only things we can take with us into eternity. We should consider it all joy when we face troubles. If we have a mind to persevere and develop passionate long-suffering we will be prepared for whatever the devil throws at us, or whatever God wants to do next in our lives. God is not interested in complacency; He’s determined to take us to the next level of maturity.
Even when we don’t understand or recognize the reason we may be experiencing trouble….or when we question the order and time of things….God is at work on our behalf. Someone once said, “Success can be measured not only in achievements, but in lessons learned, lives touched, and moments shared along the way.”
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