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Verse and Message (Week of Nov 16-22, 2008) November 19, 2008

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Psalm 107:9
For He satisfies the thirsty and fills the hungry with good things.
Feed Me
Galatians 5:22-23
But when the Holy Spirit controls our lives, He will produce this kind of fruit in us:  love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control.
Have you ever gone on a diet to lose weight?
I have had my experience of crash diets by exploring a variety of healthy food selections or simply diminishing my food intake.  Food is fuel for the body.  However, so many times we get carried away with all the tempting options offered in our microwave/fast-food society. 
I have learned after many roller coaster diet adventures, that it is not a specific diet that keeps my body in tune; it’s a lifestyle of healthy eating combined with regular exercise that keeps the body fit and healthy. 
The following are choices of diets that draw people into the diet craze:  Weight Watchers, The South Beach Diet, The Atkins Diet, The Slim Fast Diet, Sugar Busters, Hollywood Juice Diet…’s unbelievable!  And it’s difficult to stay focused on any one of these diet plans. 
It’s smart to consider what we take into our bodies, and it’s equally significant to pay attention to portion size. Excessive consumption can occur easily. For example, super sizing should be avoided.  
We need some sugar, we need some protein, we need some carbohydrates, we need some calcium, we need water…but most of all WE NEED BALANCE! A balanced diet includes dedication, endurance, and the practice of wise eating habits along with consistent exercise.  A seasonal diet is not going to work.  The way we eat and maintain our bodies must be a lifestyle choice. 
Likewise, our spiritual growth is not meant for a season.  It has to remain a consistent lifetime activity, or we will find ourselves on the spiritual roller coaster track!  The measure of our spiritual growth is found in Christ alone! 
In this age we have no excuse for lack of healthy spiritual food!  We have access to all the appropriate spiritual food we can grasp:  The Bible, Christian books, music, videos, concerts, conferences, radio and television stations, magazines, seminars, retreats, life-giving churches, small group Bible study options….etc.  There are many opportunities to be spiritually fed. 
However, we sometimes allow ourselves to be absorbed into secular programs, music, television shows, magazines, movies, concerts, etc…’s easy to be tempted to fall into that SECULAR HOT FUDGE SUNDAE in life.   
Just as we cannot eat that hot fudge sundae everyday, we cannot allow our focus to gaze on secular desires of the flesh, because we will fall further from the only diet that overflows without the unwanted calories…..JESUS CHRIST! 
I used to exercise so much in order to justify indulging in all kinds of food.  In the spiritual arena, that’s like performing works to feel free from the guilt of sin……and it will not work for the long haul.  It will exhaust, and it will not satisfy.  We cannot earn our salvation.
Sin can only be released by the GRACE of the KING.  We cannot cover up sin with religious activity.  It’s not a weighted scale.  For example, we cannot try to outweigh the good with the bad things that we do in the flesh. 
Obedience and works will be the result of a heart after God.  It’s a joy and honor to partake in discipleship, not just an action to keep the record straight. We cannot earn our salvation. It’s all because of Jesus we are alive! 
Only Jesus keeps the record straight…..
It all begins with RELATIONSHIP….
not a quick GOD MOMENT DIET to keep us afloat!
 Jesus Fish 

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