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Verse and Message (Week of Nov 9-15, 2008) November 12, 2008

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Mark 12:30
Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength.
Revelation 3:16
So, because you are lukewarm-neither hot nor cold-I am about to spit you out of my mouth.
One thing that rings true in our generation is the overuse of abbreviations. Would you agree?  Here are a handful of abbreviations I recognize that appear to be common among many people. Oh, and just in case you aren’t familiar with them, I have included what they stand for as well:
BFF – Best Friends Forever
JK – Just Kidding
LOL – Laugh Out Loud
PSP – Play Station Portable
TMI – Too Much Information
VIP – Very Important Person
PDA – Public Display of Affection
I thought I was pretty up on things until a buddy of mine introduced me to an abbreviation I had not heard before.  He had started going out with a woman and was stressed,because she had brought up the dreadful “DTR” the previous weekend.  I am like, “What?” He went on to define the abbreviation “DTR.”  If you are clueless like me, you might be wondering what this means as well. I googled “DTR” and found the meaning in the Urban Dictionary:
Define The Relationship. When two people discuss their mutual understanding of a romantic relationship (casual dating, serious boyfriend, engagement, etc).
Last week I received an interesting take on DTR.  I wanted to write about what my sister in Christ, Tommye Reinhardt, shared with me in an email….I couldn’t resist this topic! 

Jesus asks……..

“Are we really a thing or do you just date me?”

If you are not married and you are in a relationship with someone, chances are that if you hang out for longer than a couple months, that DTR moment is going to pop up eventually.

Maybe it’s time to have a DTR talk with Christ. That’s right, Christ courts us prior to salvation, but once we receive Him as our personal Savior, we are in a “marriage” commitment.  We are no longer dating.  It’s a serious covenant. As Christians, we should consider an inventory of the heart and evaluate where we are with Jesus on a consistent basis. 

Are you really an “item” with Him, or do you just date Him on Sundays?

When you are married, do you just communicate and/or hang out with your spouse one day of the week? Love is the greatest motivation for an intimate relationship. When you are in love with someone, you want to spend time with that person and you want to please that person–do you feel the same way with Jesus? 

Do you take advantage of Him by considering Him a mere Friend with benefits?

Do you go to Him only when you need something? Do you turn to Him when you have come to the end of your rope, after all else fails? Is He an afterthought?

Are you faithful to Him whether you are on the mountain top or in the desert? 

It’s easy to love when it “feels” good.  But,true love is an action; it’s not a feeling. A marriage vow is not simply for better but for WORSE, it’s not in health, but in SICKNESS. That’s how you know if you are “in love.” When everything is wonderful, it’s easy to love! Do you still love when everything seems to be falling apart?  

Is your relationship with Jesus something real and relational, or do you just go through the motions? Do you get excited to spend time with Him, or do you just check off the list Bible reading, prayer time, church, small groups, etc? Do you got to go to church, or do you GET to go to church? Our Jesus is not concerned with our activity…..He wants our undivided devotion! 

He is serious about “forever” with us, but do we just consider Him “Mr. Right Now?” Are you a faithful follower of Christ only when it works for you? You cannot be married and be single too….you cannot straddle the fence, you will fall off that fence. Being in limbo doesn’t reflect love!

So many of us, and all of us at one time or another, treat Him as an acquaintaince rather than our husband….in fact, some of us are only comfortable with a surface relationship with Christ. Our Savior desires for us to go deeper; He’s not interested in shallow interaction.   

In Matthew 19 we are told of a rich young ruler who had a DTR with Jesus.  When Jesus called him to follow Him completely, the man walked away sorrowfully, rejecting Christ. The ruler had a commitment phobia regarding Jesus. His God was money. He couldn’t lay it at the cross and embrace Jesus fully.

Is it time to have a DTR with Jesus Christ?  Are we willing to walk with Him every single day?  Can we release the world and give Him our all? 

Actually, a great way to begin each day is to surrender every part of our being to Him.  When Christ takes control, our lives will take on dimensions that we would have never known apart from Him. Beautiful things will happen when we commit our love and life to His Lordship, His will, and His ways. 
If you aren’t “into Him” Sunday through Monday, He considers you to be lukewarm which makes Him sick. It’s ALL or NOTHING. Partial obedience is disobedience.  Wearing the ring on Sundays doesn’t cut it.  Jesus isn’t interested in a fair-weather friend…..He desires His Bride, and He will do anything and everything to have His Bride!  
Our lives are the sum of responses we make toward our Groom. He’s given us everything! He sacrificed His own Son!
Is it time to DTR?
He is, afterall…..the top VIP!
PDA with Him delights Him!
He is by far your BFF!

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