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Verse and Message (Week of August 31-September 6, 2008) September 5, 2008

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Psalm 103:12
As far as the east is from the west, so far has he removed our transgressions from us.
 Gold Cross 
Colossians 3:13
“Bear with each other and forgive whatever grievances you may have against one another. Forgive as the Lord forgave you.”
Dory is the name of a regal tang fish in the movie Finding Nemo.
Dory suffers from short-term memory lossDory accompanies Marlin in his search for his son, Nemo, and her short-term memory provides much of the film’s comic reliefDory’s optimism and her light spirit help Marlin throughout his journey. Dory has a sunny point of view over everything in life. 
Wouldn’t it be GREAT if we had short-term memory loss when someone offended us or hurt us?  Unlike our Creator, we are unable to forget offenses.  However, we are capable and commanded to forgive. Why is it that our old nature (with the help of our enemy) hounds us with the obsession of stewing over an unfavorable incident by another? Or, sometimes we beat ourselves up when we have messed up and cannot forgive ourselves.  Or, even worse, we cannot forgive God at times, when we feel He could have intervened for us.
I used to think that when I chose to forgive a person who has caused me pain that I should automatically feel brand-new, fresh, and no longer have hurt feelings toward that individual. However, I realize that by deciding to forgive does not dismiss the offense; it simply means that I voluntarily choose to cancel the debt, and that I am working toward peace in my heart and mind regarding the situation. 
All this to say, I cannot do this without the help of the ONE who has forgiven me. I know that my human ability cannot transform or change the feelings in my heart and mind.  It is a process, and only God can heal my heart and change my mind. 
Nonetheless, even though I decide to let the offender off the hook, I have to remain in the process and forgive repeatedly when necessary.  I must have the attitude of forgiveness and grasp His wisdom by striving to be open and willing for the Lord to work on me to a point of complete healing.  He will respond to my plea by providing me His perfect peace that transcends all understanding. 
He wants me to seek Him to assist when developing and maintaining relationships so that the Person of Jesus can be reflected through my actions. 
Most times I don’t “feel” like expressing kindness and mercy when I have been hurt.  But, I must realize that my job is to commit to the process..WHETHER I FEEL LIKE IT OR NOT. Just as “Love is an action, not a feeling” I must recognize that “Forgiveness is an action, not a feeling.” 
When we make the decision to forgive, God welcomes us to “pass the buck” to Him to take care of the rest. Again, we are not equipped to release the hurt on our own….but we do have free will to choose to forgive. When we release our will to Him….then He is able to take over and work on the cleansing and reconciliation. 
In conclusion, I want to leave you with some profound insight I found in a booklet called “When Forgiveness Seems Impossible” by RBC Ministries. 
Prerequisites For a Forgiving Life”
*When facing forgiveness, think of it as the process of a lifetime.
*When you are the offender, be careful not to demand forgiveness.
*In anticipation of future hurts, begin developing a heart of forgiveness by:
 Have a passion for more than what the here-and-now can provide.
(The immediate pleasure of sweet revenge is only temporary).
 Have a brokenness through sorrow and grief.
(As we become more aware of how much we need the mercy and forgiveness of God, we will be more willing to extend the same to others).
 Have a refusal to seek revenge.
(The poison of an unforgiving heart is not merely offered to the enemy but is swallowed first by the one who is holding the bottle).
 Have a courageous desire to love others as God has loved us.
(Loving others with a passion to see them receive forgiveness is a distinguishing mark of a person who knows God).
I think most importantly, we must pray for the one who has hurt us.  And…just as we must forgive repeatedly, we must pray consistently. 

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