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Verse and Message (Week of August 3-9, 2008) August 8, 2008

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Psalm 105:4
Look to the LORD and his strength; seek his face always.

 Bible 1 

Isaiah 55:9
“As the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts.

Church of the Highlands is in the midst of our bi-annual 21 days of prayer that started this past Monday.  I cannot begin to express how powerful the presence of God has been each morning from 6 am – 7 am when we have been meeting corporately to focus completely on prayer. 

How often do we treat prayer like we are leaving a message on God’s voice mail?  It doesn’t work that way….God doesn’t have call waiting, He’s not too busy for us, and He is desperately waiting for us to place a direct call to Him.  So, when we call upon Him…there is no doubt that He is attentive and listening to our requests and our cries.  See…He has it right…He is on the money….He is an exceptional listener….in fact, He listens perfectly. He knows what we are going to say before we say it.  His desire is that we would also develop the handy habit of “listening” so that we would be able to clearly recognize His voice. 

Two-way communication works best! If we do not hear His voice, we will obey distractions….we will manipulate our circumstances….and His BEST purposes for US individually may be given to someone else WHO IS LISTENING, or we may find ourselves meandering down a road of confusion and discouragement due to our disobedience to His call.  He wants to use each one of us…..He has a beautiful plan mapped out for each individual child of His (Jeremiah 29:11). 

I want to share a story about a friend who picked up on a RHEMA WORD from God, because he pressed in and chose to wait upon the Lord and listen. (A rhema word is a fresh word from the Lord–a revelation.) My friend had been in a relationship which he expected to lead to marriage.  The enemy crept in, and both of them chose to take the defensive on many levels.  Ultimately, the couple broke up….with the intent to just “take a break.” The girl moved on to someone else the Lord put in her life.  My friend had been in a frightened tailspin of confusion for months.….He chose to write a letter via email, and he asked me to proofread his letter.

Accountability is a beautiful thing; there is no way I would agree that he should send the letter.  The letter indicated how he had heard a Word from God, and he felt he was supposed to relay a message to her. Basically, the letter was to tell her she needed to wake up, focus, and listen to God. He felt it on his heart that God had significant things still waiting to be revealed to her.

With his permission, here is an excerpt of the letter…..

“Be cautious of becoming completely sidetracked by what is in front of you.  Pray hard, seeking His wisdom in the lessons to be taken from past encounters.  Do not wave off the chances to chase down those lessons, BUT, TAKE CAPTIVE EVERY THOUGHT and DELVE DEEP UNTIL YOU FIND THE TRUE ROOTS and FRUITS of those thoughts.  Don’t close doors to that wisdom, because the time for what is now may not always be as easily accessible.  And, be careful to let the immediacy of hopes, aspirations, or even fears have the guide on you, lest you welcome in falsely rooted ‘knowledge’…take every thought and the emotion behind it captive, and seek the truth deep behind them.” 

 I told him that he was telling her what to do…..and though the words were written with the intention for her best interest, I believed that the letter wouldn’t be received that way. I explained to him that she might interpret his letter as a tool of control, but I knew his heart was pure. You see…..God takes care of hearts.  Only God can change hearts.   

Nonetheless, I explained to him that it was OK to put his thoughts and feelings on paper, but that the door to this person had been slammed shut as far as I could see. 

The next day something incredible happened.  He re-read his letter, and God told him the letter with his heartfelt advice and guidance wasn’t for his ex-girlfriend……the letter he wrote was from the hand of God to him personally….that’s right, the letter was addressed to my friend who wrote the letter. God was telling my friend to seek HIM with the full love, passion, and focus that he had been misplacing on his ex.  His eyes were opened….he pressed in, and he heard from God.

If we are so consumed with what others are doing…..and if we are so preoccupied by our own needs and desires, we will fail to hear the voice of God. We must remove the distractions and LISTEN…REALLY LISTEN. Sometimes what we receive from the Lord is something different than what we expect. Simply put….His ways are higher.



SEEK GOD not His manifestations…not His blessings!

SEEK GOD not the answers…..

 Silver Cross 

SEEK GOD, and He will SPEAK, and you will hear Him when you LISTEN!



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