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Verse and Message (Week of July 13-19, 2008) July 17, 2008

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Romans 8:31
What, then, shall we say in response to this?  If God is for us, who can be against us?
Gold Cross
Romans 14:17-18a
For the Kingdom of God is not a matter of what we eat or drink, but of living a life of goodness and peace and joy in the Holy Spirit.  If you serve Christ with this attitude, you will please God.  And other people will approve of you, too. 
I am an “approval addict” (now a “recovering approval addict”) …..I want everyone to like me, and it’s very important for me to make a great first impression!  This obsession began as early as grade school.  I wanted to be the best in my first grade class.  I respected authority and wanted to do absolutely everything to insure that Mrs. Vines adored me. 
Then…..what most children would consider the best part of the day–lunchtime–I was horrified to discover that potato salad was on the menu and then on my plate.  As the lunch period came to a close, Mrs. Vines walked around inspecting “clean plates.”  She declared to us, “You must clean your plate!”  OK, this was more than I could handle.  In fact, I probably had the dread that the contestants on “FEAR FACTOR” experience.  So, holding my breath, as the teacher passed along to the other students, I quickly inhaled the potato salad as not to disappoint Mrs. Vines.  My plate was clean for a couple of minutes…BUT… then, something dreadful happened…….it came right back on the plate!  Would you believe I like potato salad today?
Sorry, if you are getting ready to have your breakfast or lunch right now, but I had to share these details as to make my reflection understood.  Of course, I wasn’t worried about being sick……….I was just afraid that I had lost all hope in obtaining approval of Mrs. Vines.  My whole year was ruined…or so I thought.  Nonetheless, I was probably the first student to check-out of school on the first day.
I am glad I didn’t truly check-out of life that day.  As traumatic as that first grammar school experience was for me…..I had no idea what was yet to come..ha!  The reason for my story is simply to share with you that although respecting authority is significant……I was desperate to receive the approval of others!  In fact, it’s obvious this issue occurred pretty much right out of the womb for me. 
I have learned over time, that the approval of mere humans is nice, but why should I care so much about the approval of imperfect beings?! “When we base our self-worth on how people treat us, or on what we believe they think about us, it causes us to become addicted to their approval.” (Joyce Meyer – Approval Addiction)
What someone thinks of me should not rise to the level of validating my significance in this world.  My concern should be our Lord’s approval!  If we seek to please the Savior, our perspective will be heightened to what really matters! 
Our Father loves us unconditionally….He will never forsake us!  He sees our flaws, and He witnesses our mistakes. But, unlike humans….. He forgets about our errors when we confess….that’s right…slate wiped clean. 
He took care of all that garbage when He nailed my infirmities on the Cross.  The Father sees the beauty of Jesus in me, because I am His child and I have accepted the PERFECT ONE to abide in my heart!
God loves us, because He has chosen to do so!  God did not let His son die for a bunch of junk!  We are precious and valuable……no matter what the world thinks!
Take an inventory of your motives today……are you a people pleaser….or a Creator pleaser?
Off The Rack 

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