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Verse and Message (Week of July 6-12, 2008) July 10, 2008

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Jeremiah 29:13
You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart.

 Gold Cross 

Psalm 46:10a
“Be still, and know that I am God.”


My friend Jill Jones shared the following message that a brother in Christ had written.  Even though we can approach the throne of Grace anytime — anywhere — in any way….it takes some time to get “warmed up” in the Spirit in preparation for solid and smooth communication with the Father.  First and foremost, we must welcome His presence. I like to listen to worship and praise music in an effort to prepare my heart for His presence, or I may go out on my front porch and listen to the birds chirping early in the morning. What I have come to realize is that it’s more important to rest in Him, as opposed to walking (or running) through a routine format of worship and prayer time. In fact, it isn’t possible to receive the full weight of His glory by zipping through our daily Bible reading and lifting up a couple of needs. He wants our undivided attention. Our heart and affection are His main desire.  And, naturally, the meditation of the Word and the words of praise we lift up to Him become automatic once we realize that SEEKING Him is to be the #1 priority. 


I could have saved this message for hunting season, but I was compelled to send it now….maybe because I sometimes struggle with distractions and carving out enough time to prepare my heart for His presence.  It’s a gift to sense His embrace once we have truly settled in to hear His voice and spend genuine time with Him.


Now, go with me on a beautiful journey to seek Jesus….


Hunting Jesus

 Jesus Fish 

by Dennis Marceau


On a recent morning I went to my normal place to pray and be with the Lord. I sat down and talked to Him as I would a friend. My mind was full and my woes were plenty. I completely unloaded on Him. I sat quietly for a minute and started to get up to go to work. I had one thing that the Lord “unloaded” on me. BE STILL and know that I am GOD.


Time passed quickly and I knew that I had to get going or I would be late for work. I got completely quiet, and I continued this way all day long. This is not my normal procedure. Later that evening I went to church two hours early and sat in the parking lot for an hour. I finally understood what God was trying to tell me. “Son,” He said, “when you are hunting for deer as you do every year you get prepared, don’t you?” I thought, Yeah, I go scouting ahead of time to pick out the perfect place to catch that deer. I put on camouflage, my boots and hat, and spray down with a scent that smells like the woods. I also get my rifle. I am ready and can sit still for hours listening for the rustle of the leaves (deer footsteps) which is crucial when hunting on the ground.


God wants me to do the same when I am hunting for Him. I quickly recognized that I spend more time getting ready to confront deer in the woods than my Savior Jesus. I wasn’t prepared to hear Him talk to my heart. I was not still long enough to shake the world out of my system. I also know from hunting that it takes a while for me to get in tune with the woods around me, usually a good 30 to 40 minutes of being completely still and getting my mind clear and focused on the surrounding sounds and smells. Then it happens, I am part of my surroundings. I can tell the difference in a squirrel playing in the leaves and an armadillo pulling straw back to eat bugs. Then, I hear that illustrious sound we hunters all wait for, the steps of a deer. That is what I have not done with the Lord. No wonder I can’t hear Him.


After being convicted of what I had been doing wrong, I wanted to get it straightened out. After the worship service, I thought about it some more. Sitting in the parking lot as the cars drove away and people scurried to their homes for the night, I wondered, Lord, what about me picking a spot. I think for different people it would be different. I have a wonderful place the Lord has given me. I have a little pole barn type building that has my smoker and gas grill underneath it and the morning sun comes in to warm me on chilly days. I started going to this spot when my wife was struggling with cancer. It was close enough so I could be at her side in a minute, but far enough away where I could reload for a hard minute or hours to come. I had the wonderful smell around me of smoked meat and for me, that’s a little bit of heaven in itself. I have spent many hours there during the days and nights of the past year and a half being with the only friend that I could call at anytime I needed, my friend, Jesus.


After being satisfied that my spot was good because the Lord helped me pick it out, I started thinking about the camouflage. What would I do to dress right for this hunt? I contemplated this question and thought about what pattern to wear. Would it be Mossy Oak or Real Tree? What would be the right pattern? I want to be a part of the Lord’s forest. I don’t want to be camouflaged and just blend in with the world. I had a time with this. The Lord wants us to come to Him just as we are. He does not want us to camouflage ourselves when we are before Him. He wants us to open up completely to Him.We don’t need to hide ourselves or cover up the real us.

He wants us to talk to Him as a friend and He wants us to have an intimate conversation and personal relationship with Him. He wants the naked us no matter how torn, how shredded, or how bruised we are. He wants us to bring all of our weaknesses to Him. He wants us to humble and surrender ourselves before Him, the Ultimate Power in the universe. He made it. God says bring all that is wrong emotionally and physically and spiritually to Him, and leave it with Him.When we are finished, we don’t need to go back and get it but we will need a weapon. Leave the Browning 300 Magnum on the gun rack. All we need to take is the Word of God, the Holy Bible. It comes already zeroed in and has the cross hairs on Satan. We will never have to pick up any ammo. The Word of God comes with a lifetime supply. We just need to pick it up and fire one shot at a time. We don’t even have to pick out special bullets. Just pick a verse at a time. Before you know it, you will be firing on semi-automatic then automatic, and worshiping Him in spirit and in truth.


Good hunting and God bless!

Thank you to Dennis for this beautiful description of seeking our Lord!




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