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Verse and Message (Week of February 24 – March 1) February 28, 2008

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Psalms 139:16
You saw me before I was born.  Every day of my life was recorded in your book.  Every moment was laid out before a single day had passed.
Romans 8:26
In the same way, the Spirit helps us in our weakness. We do not know what we ought to pray for, but the Spirit himself intercedes for us with groans that words cannot express.
Lately, I have been worn out.  The main reason I have been struggling is due to all the wrestling I have been doing with God lately.  I want Him to answer my prayers the WAY I want Him to answer them and NOW. 
One of my favorite movies is Bruce Almighty.  With the exception of a few unnecessary words, it is a decent flick.  It’s a story about a man who feels like God has given him a raw deal in life.  Every direction he turns, his circumstances turned from bad to worse. 
The character Bruce (Jim Carey) challenges the fairness and even the existence of God.  God (Morgan Freeman) appears to Bruce and decides to let Bruce see how well he can manage the responsibility of being “God.”  God gives Bruce His powers and sovereign lordship over the Universe. It’s pretty cool for Bruce at the beginning, but the fun fades as his new position becomes more and more intimidating and complicated. 
Bruce begins to hear voices in his head, and thinks he is going crazy.  The voices are prayers.  Bruce realizes that it is his job to answer all of the prayers.  The extraordinary number of prayers that he has to answer is staggering.  He decides to set up a system on his computer for all prayers to be delivered and received via e-mail.  He has no choice but to answer prayers constantly, all day and all night, and he still can’t keep up.  Frustrated and exhausted at just a click of the mouse he answers “YES” to all the prayers that were multiplying by the millisecond. 
One of the consequences to this answer was that more than a million people won the lottery.  They all receive less than a couple of dollars each after the amount of the lottery is divided evenly between everyone. 
In reality, what if our Lord answered “YES” to all of our prayers?  Just think about who you might be married to?  Just think where you might live?  Imagine what you would be doing?  It can be really frightening to ponder. 
We should be thankful where we are, as well as forever grateful for His perfect answers, even if they are not the answers we desire.  God always answers prayer….it’s either YES, NO, or WAIT.  I have trouble with the answer WAIT.  That’s where God’s perfect timing comes in……if we got our answers the way we want WHEN WE WANT, our imperfect timetable would wreak more havoc than we could possibly accept. 
We really don’t know what to pray for.  Our Father knows us better than we will ever know ourselves.  We are precious to Him, and He created each one of us for a very special purpose.  He knows what is best for us!  Our future is secure in Him: He knitted each of us in our mother’s womb…He numbered the hairs on our head…..He will never leave us…..and He provided a way for us to reside with Him for eternity through HIS SON JESUS CHRIST.  When we analyze those factors, how could we possibly question His nature and judgment for us?  We can be confident that He has our lives planned out minute by minute. 
Don’t doubt His greatness.  Freedom is ours, if we allow Him to do His job as our Master.  In other words, LET God be God! When we attempt to play the part of GOD, we will lose!  
Be thankful to Him for His Sovereign answers to prayer!
He will give you the strength to wait, and the grace for acceptance!

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