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Verse and Message (January 13-20, 2008) January 17, 2008

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Hebrews 12:1
“Let us fix our eyes on Jesus, the Author and Perfecter of our faith..”
 Jesus Fish 
Matthew 6:33
But seek first His Kingdom and His righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.
 Bible 1 
Matthew 11:28
“Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.”
My primary goal for 2008 is to learn to maintain a successful order and balance in the way I prioritize my time.  Life has a way of getting away from me at times, and before I know it my life is cascading out of control.  Why?  Well, like most in our society, I am inundated with an enormous amount of distractions and an overwhelming amount of clutter, a crowded schedule, and constant interruptions. In a day when genius technology continues to rise, one would think that life would be easier. When the world around us is causing an avalanche of high expectations in every corner of our lives….no wonder we are disoriented and depleted when evening comes. 
To break the cycle of racing at a pace when every hour seems like rush hour, I know what I must do.  I must FIX my eyes on what’s most important.  I cannot allow myself to fix my eyes on what things that my will dictates are important…I must choose the ONE THING that makes all things work together….our Lord. 
Since our lifestyle is dominated by multitasking, we may be tempted to throw our Lord in with the mix of everything we are trying to master.  Instead of working vigorously to master our priorities, we should give it to Him….letting our Master be the one to master our time.  With our permission, He is able to supernaturally balance our priorities.  We are fooling ourselves if we ever think we can manage this assignment on our own….it’s truly impossible. He should be in everything we do, but we cannot begin to attempt to organize this skill without Him.
We are all busy.  However, most of us are inappropriately busy at least at one time or another.  God doesn’t mind that we are busy if it is the kind of busy that fulfills His purposes for His Kingdom.  But just as we have all been instructed to take one day at a time, we should also consider taking one activity at a time.  Therefore, we are able to focus on each task more effectively.  When we are able to focus successfully on each of the priorities in our lives, then we are able to develop proper balance (with His help of course).
According to A Minute of Margin by Richard A. Swenson M.D., the following principles are suggested in establishing and guarding priorities:
* Obtain priorities from the Scriptures
* Look through God’s eyes, and then act on what is seen
* See FIRST the Kingdom of God, and everything else later
* People are more important than things
The Holy Spirit wrote the Bible.  He communicated His good and perfect will through people who put Scripture on paper.  In order to see the Father’s perspective, it is imperative that we soak in His Word.  When we are obedient to that process, we will delight in placing His Kingdom ahead of all else.  He will be our main focus.  It won’t be difficult then to fix our eyes on Him. 
He loves His children and He wants us to love people too. Our relationship with Him directly affects our relationship to others. In addition, our relationship to others will affect our relationship with Him.  The best things in life simply are not things….the BEST is God and then other people. 
It seems simple, but it becomes a challenge when we do not protect ourselves from the enemy.  The devil can come into our territory, manipulate our lives into a marathon of being busy, thus, thwarting God’s plan, because we are unable to concentrate on what’s MOST IMPORTANT.  We know this, so why is it so difficult to keep our priorities parallel to our Father’s agenda?  Because the devil’s distractions and schemes of  “busyness” can wreak havoc in our day to day….BUT ONLY IF WE ALLOW THAT TO HAPPEN. 
Simply put, we try to do everything on our own without the assistance of the Holy Spirit….because we can handle this or that…hmmmm.  Can we?  Not effectively.  The cycle repeats itself and we are utterly exhausted from the battle we fight to keep up. 
If we FIX our EYES on the Author and Finisher of our FAITH, we won’t get in a fix…instead, He will FIX us and our priorities!  If we allow ourselves to REST in Him, our heart will capture the miracle of unsurpassed peace. 
 Gold Cross 
I don’t know about you….but I receive that blessing!
God bless you all with the same!

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