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Verse and Message (Wednesday, December 26, 2007) December 26, 2007

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Luke 2:7
“And she gave birth to her firstborn son; and she wrapped Him incloths, and laid Him in a manger, because there was no room for them in the inn.”
Twas the night OF Christmas and all through my house,
No more wrapping paper rustling, just the click of my mouse.
As I transfer my thoughts into this laptop and ponder,
What must it have been like 2,000 years ago in the manger of wonder?
As we celebrate Christmas, most of us are exhausted from the intense preparation for this birthday above all birthdays.  Shopping, rushing, decorating, cooking, cleaning, parties, and fun.  It can wear you out. The significance is that it’s about the SON….and He wants us to rest in Him and enjoy His PRESENCE above all the PRESENTS.
The remarkable part of the Christmas story is that the God of the Universe came down to dwell among us….as one of us.  He left His perfect home in Heaven and showed up as a helpless baby.  The reality of this story of humility, brings to mind a particular song that Joan Osborne wrote several years ago.  Chew on these words:
What if God was one of us?
Just a slob like one of us?
Just a stranger on the bus
Trying to make His way home.
The truth is…. God became one of us, but without blemish. Therefore, as the Perfect Divinity of order, “slob” cannot define any part of His being.  A stranger to this land…tis true.  Trying to make His way home….He left His home so that we would be welcome in His perfect home above.
The fact remains that the Sacrificial Lamb was born to the virgin ….the Baby sleeping in a feeding trough came to BE WITH US.  The shadow of the cross was draped over this innocent One from the very beginning.
I couldn’t help but marvel over a full page ad in today’s Birmingham News that read, “THE WAY IN THE MANGER.”  This beautiful expression displayed a photograph of a feeding trough filled with hay emphasizing the shadow of the cross.  It was a profound statement, very touching and uncharacteristic of the typical darkness the newspaper typically reveals.  This moving advertisement communicated the ONE TRUE LIGHT… OUR HOPE….THE CHRIST….AMAZING LOVE.
The twist in the Christmas story is that our Savior was interested in teaching us humility by entering our world in the most humble manner imaginable, so that we could be humble to trust in Him with our lives.  Yes, His intent was to direct us to the WAY HOME…..the ONLY way home.
As you are packing away your decorations within the next few days…..don’t pack Him away until Easter or next Christmas. Do not forget the ULTIMATE GIFT. He’s our everyday Father and friend.  He wants to BE WITH US…He wants to DWELL IN US.
Even though you will receive this message after Christmas…….you can have a Merry Christmas year-round.  Don’t forget the simplicity of His birth.   Our lives can have a quality of simplicity too if we let go of our own will and release it to Him. Life doesn’t have to be so complicated…He wants to carry all of our baggage….all of our burdens.
Sweet Jesus, thank you for humbling yourself to come to earth as an infant to grow into the man to forgive us and completely save us from the punishment that our sins deserve. What a marvelous expression of true and perfect love.
WOW …we are so blessed!
 Gold Cross 

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