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Verse and Message (Friday, December 14, 2007) December 14, 2007

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Acts 20:35
In everything I did, I showed you that by this kind of hard work we must help the weak, remembering the words the Lord Jesus himself said: ‘It is more blessed to give than to receive.’ “

I was reading yesterday’s devotion in my monthly publication of “Our Daily Bread,” and I smiled at a challenge that was given by a Christian radio station.  It was called the “Drive-Thru Difference.”  The goal was to perform a random act of kindness for people who didn’t expect it by paying for the person in line behind you at a drive-thru restaurant.  That’s right, pay for a random stranger. I marveled at the fact that Pastor Chris Hodges of Church of the Highlands also proposed this challenge to our congregation.  He had adopted this plan a little over a year ago or more, and our church created cards imprinted with the following:

“Just a little something extra… show that God loves you.”  

The card also lists the name of our worship home including the times of our services. 

Pastor Chris was sharing in a message a couple weeks ago about how someone had emailed him and let him know that they were the recipient of such a surprise.  It moved the person so much, that the person in turn paid for the meal of the person behind him in the drive-thru line.  After our pastor read the email, he somehow found out that the cycle went on four times at that drive-thru window from that one initial card of delight. Imagine the joy… it forward or pay it backward…it makes no difference…incredible!

I had been planning on using one of these cards this season, but I was trying to pick the right moment.  After Pastor Chris shared that story, I made an effort to take on the challenge this week.  I was at the drive-thru window at Wendy’s off of Highway 11 in Trussville on my lunch break, and I paid for the person behind me.  I was so excited!  I looked back in my rear-view window, and it was so much fun to watch the lady drive slowly from the window while studying the card! How cool is that?  Of course I must honestly admit that initially, after I had committed to the challenge by telling the server at the drive-thru of my clever scheme, I pondered before I was given the total….(experiencing a mini moment of panic)….what if this person was buying lunch for her entire office??….hehehehhe.  I laughed to myself and figured, hmmmmm I know God will provide.  As it turns out, she must have gotten something off the $.99 menu, because it was only a couple of dollars…ha. I bet she wished after she received the card that she had gotten the biggie meal…ha…Well, all the reason more for me to continue to distribute more of these cards.  The bottom line wasn’t about the cost….it was the best feeling I have had in a long time. 

 Make A Difference 

When we pay for another’s meal or give a gift or provide a service……our concern should be “selfless giving” whether we get credit for it or not.  A heart of Christ pursues to give without a concern of whether the action will be returned.  In fact….those are the most fun!!  Something like Secret Santa…..well not Santa… about “Secret JESUS.”  However, JESUS doesn’t have to be a secret……our actions should spell J-E-S-U-S whether it is during a celebration season of “typical giving” or not….We should share the BRIGHT SHINING LIGHT of HOPE each and every day.

 Gold Cross 

For it is more blessed to give than receive — so who can you bless today!  If you don’t have a card…..just give the message to someone “JESUS LOVES YOU” and try this beautiful challenge by giving a generous tip …..or offering to clean someone’s home……or raking someone’s yard … or babysitting someone’s child….what a novel idea!

Really, it isn’t so much to give away what we have already been given…..the gift of TRUE LIFE that started in a manger more than 2,000 years ago. 

 Three Kings 




  Jesus Fish 



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