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Verse and Message (Friday, October 12, 2007) October 12, 2007

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Proverbs 16:3
Commit to the LORD whatever you do, and your plans will succeed.

 Silver Cross 

Daily, I look forward to a “positive quote” from a brother in Christ, Josh Beck.  He and his wife, Tanya have become dear friends of mine through our involvement in the running community.  They both have been receiving my verse and message for some time now, and recently, Josh started sending me a positive quote each day.  This week’s quote inspired me to write today’s verse and message.

“Some things you have to do every day. Eating seven apples on Saturday night instead of one a day just isn’t going to get the job done.”


— Jim Rohn

According to Merriam Webster’s Online Dictionary, the term “cram” means to “to pack tight” or “to prepare hastily for an examination.”

In addition, “balance” is described as “stability produced by even distribution.”

At Church of the Highlands, we are reading the Bible over the course of a year. Pastor Chris Hodges encourages us to read the scheduled verses each day.  The plan is to read a portion from the Old Testament, a portion from the New Testament, in addition to reading a Psalm and a Proverb. 

Many times I have found myself rushed and unable to feed on Scripture for this daily regimen.  When I first failed to stay on task, my “Type A” personality tried to play “catch up.”  I read so much at one time that I became drained and overwhelmed…… I was unable to absorb and meditate the way God desired for me, because I was cramming His Word as if I were preparing for an exam the next day. 

God is not in a hurry, and He doesn’t want us to rush through His Word as if it were some kind of speed-reading contest.  We cannot properly retain the details from Life’s Instruction Manual if we don’t chew on it and meditate according to His design.

So when I read the quote from Josh, I couldn’t help but reflect on the lesson I gained with the “One Year Bible” plan. Therefore, my goal is to do my best to focus on Him by studying His Word and spending quality time with Him at the beginning of the day.  If I get sidetracked and don’t manage to fit in the quality time desired, I will restart the following day instead of cramming it all in before bedtime and beating myself up, because I failed.

I wanted to share a writing I reflect on at the beginning of each day that truly provides His perspective. 

One day at a time-

This is enough.

Do not look back and grieve

over the past, for it is gone.

And do not be troubled

about the future, for it

has not yet come. Live in

the present and make it

so beautiful that it

will be worth 



I have learned that just like it is pointless to eat seven apples in one day as opposed to the balanced “apple a day” suggested, I cannot cram prayer, God’s Word, or any precious moments of this Gift called Life.   

I find that when I start my day off with the Savior, supernaturally, items on my agenda that seem impossible to accomplish somehow balance out. 

So, don’t look in the rear-view mirror, don’t rush ahead…..simply relish in the journey, by taking in the Bread of Life.  Now that makes for a beautiful balance!


 Alarm Clock 






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