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Verse and Message (Thursday, August 23, 2007) August 23, 2007

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Ephesians 5:1
Be imitators of God, therefore, as dearly loved children.

 Silver Cross 

2 Corinthians 5:20
We are therefore Christ’s ambassadors, as though God were making his appeal through us. We implore you on Christ’s behalf: Be reconciled to God.


One of my favorite elements of church is participating in the praise and worship experience that takes place at the beginning of each service.  I am a member of Church of the Highlands, and our praise and worship time is so appealing because of the undeniable “life-giving” presence of the Holy Spirit that radiates, bathes, and permeates all of those participating.   

Last night I was specifically touched during the praise and worship time when I recognized a little boy (probably around three years old) imitating his father.  His dad was standing and holding his son while participating in the praise and worship. The father was lifting his “free” right hand in worship, and the child imitated his father with this precious expression of praise by lifting one of his hands Heavenward too.  Innocently,and without a concern of what others thought, the boy was following the lead of his father’s style of worship.   

If you have ever come to Church of the Highlands, you will be aware of many different styles of worship. The most important factor is that the Holy Spirit is present and alive in each of the unique styles of worship that you will witness.  It’s free, and it’s beautiful. Singing, clapping, raising of hands, dancing, smiling, rejoicing, and praying take place throughout this time of worship prior to the message Pastor Chris Hodges shares with the congregation. The initial time of praise and worship is an energy like no other…..hard to explain…..but refreshing and fun! It prepares our hearts for what God wants to reveal to us.

My point to this message is not necessarily to define praise and worship styles, but to highlight that our actions in any arena (at home, at work, daily activities, church, events, etc) are observed by the world around us. As a child imitates his father, we should also desire to imitate our Father. 

When we demonstrate Christ in our actions and words…….it’s a beautiful expression of worship, and those who do not know the Father will be drawn to know Him because of our day to day expressions. In other words, our worship and praise should not be excluded to a scheduled time on a given day in church. 

When the love of God shines through our expressions of “everyday” worship (smiling, sharing a kind word, helping others, giving), it prepares the hearts of the lost and ultimately opens a door for them to possibly receive revelation and a word from the Lord. We cannot make a life decision for a lost individual, but God uses with our unique talents and daily expressions to share His love.  It’s exciting, because even though we are not responsible for salvation, God delights when His representatives plant seeds for the success of The Great Commission.

In summary, the most important purpose we have as Christians is to reflect the love of God to the lost.  Again, the best way to share the love of Christ is to live it out day by day.  As others see our joy, they will desire to obtain what what we have. Imitating Jesus is our daily expression of praise and worship to our King. We can preach to the lost until we are blue in the face……but until The Holy Scripture comes alive in us to the world around us, the words mean nothing to the recipients.

We must let our “life-song” sing to the world around us.  Our worship takes place seven days a week, not just on Wednesdays and /or Sundays.  When we praise and worship the King consistently with our actions……no one can ignore the Power and Love of the Holy Spirit within us!  And…. the Enemy won’t have a chance of thwarting our progress when we “consider it all JOY” and imitate Jesus consistently!




 Smiley Choir 




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