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Verse and Message for July 4th July 3, 2007

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John 8:36
So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed.

 Gold Cross 

Yesterday during an email exchange regarding the events scheduled for Church of the Highlands 4th of July Celebration, Rusty Mitchell, a brother in Christ, revealed his thoughts reflecting our beautiful freedom in Christ.  I couldn’t resist sharing his words with all of you as an inspiration to ponder for this Independence Day upon us.   

Expression of freedom written by Rusty Mitchell:

“We are blessed to be in a country that gives us freedom to express ourselves and the freedom to worship God. So, I am thankful to the men and women that went before me to live out their legacy for us and fight for our freedom and independence from other countries to become the United States of America .  They had a sense of destiny and longing to live out what God put into their hearts.  I recently read a book called The Barbarian Way, and in it the author states that these qualities are set in every man.  God calls us to live a life that is found only by listening to the voice of the Spirit.

It is our call, as it was in those earlier barbarian disciples, to take up our cross and follow HIM.  Do you want to know what describes a Barbarian?

The barbarian way is about love, passion, and sacrifice.  barbarians love to live and live to love.  For them God is life, and their mission is to reconnect humanity to Him.  Their passion is that each of us might live in intimate communion with Him who died for us.  The barbarian way is a path of both spirit and truth.  The soul of the barbarian is made alive by the presence of Jesus.  So, my heart and prayer is that each one of us will take a moment this July 4th, and ask God how He wants us to live out our call in intimate communion with Him who died for us.  We are only given one chance to live out His Grace and Love while we are here on earth.  Let us encourage each other to unleash the untamed faith within all of us and live the barbarian way.  Are you willing to lose everything on My behalf to gain everything I desire for you?  Rather than living a long life, are you willing to live a life worth living?”


Thank you Rusty for sharing that insightful and inspiring expression. I don’t know about you all….but that sentiment shared and reinforced what we all have been given in Christ and the amazing blessing of being born in the United States of America.  God has blessed America, and it’s up to us to continue His way and bless others!  God bless you all, and have a wonderful 4th of July!  And…if you don’t currently have holiday plans, Church of the Highlands will be celebrating freedom on this 4th with a powerful worship service beginning at 7 pm, and following the event beginning at 9 pm, there will be a glorious fireworks show to be viewed from the lawn of the new home of Church of the Highlands.  We are located at Overton Road and Grants Mill Road.  Come Celebrate FREEDOM in Christ!




 God Bless  America 




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