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Verse and Message (Thursday, June 28, 2007) June 28, 2007

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James 4:8a

Draw near to God and He will draw near to you.

Romans 8:28

And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.

 Place Setting 

When I go too long without eating, I get shaky, disoriented, and cranky. When my body is lacking healthy sustenance, uncomfortable consequences take place. So many times, I miss meals or healthy snacks, because I get distracted or become consumed with a variety of day to day projects. On occasion, I may even forget to eat, because my motivation is focused too much on a single task. 

Something odd occurs when I haven’t eaten in a while.  I lose my appetite.  It’s a strange phenomenon, but it’s as if my stomach says to my brain…..”Too late, I am not hungry anymore.”  When I haven’t had food for a long period of time, I find that I don’t crave or desire it anymore. Much the same occurs if I am ill due to a virus or other ailment. My body shuts down the hunger alert, and it doesn’t desire what is crucial for it to thrive. If we lack proper nourishment, our physical body will fail…likewise with the spirit.

In our walk with Christ we sometimes suffer eating dysfunctions as well. John Bevere claims, “A sign of spiritual health is an appetite for God’s Word.  A sign of spiritual sickness is a loss of appetite for the things of God.” When we cease to crave His presence due to distractions at work, domestic projects, activities with kids, hobbies, numerous events, social interaction with people — things that can complicate our schedules — we tend to lose our appetite for the ONE true “Bread of Life” — OUR SAVIOR. Our Lord wants us to relish in all of those healthy side items, but HE wants to be the “SPECIAL” of each day on our MENU!  In other words, He wants us to feed on Him first! Then, He will make it easier for us to maintain a healthy prioritization of the aforementioned, thus, allowing balance in our daily lives.

When we take our eyes off of HIM and focus too intently on the secondary things…..we simply forget to hunger for the ONE True Source of our nourishment and even risk losing our appetite for His Spirit completely.  We become confused, disoriented, shaky, stressed, and cranky in the spirit.

We tell children not to spoil dinner by eating sweets before beforehand. Otherwise, they fill up on snacks and don’t hunger for the main course.  God helps us make room for smart desserts and delicious side items as long as we go to Him to fill us up first.  If I try to eat dessert first……..I miss the most important meal……..HIS feast of PERFECT LOVE. In addition, if we fill up with the unhealthy junk of worldly desires and thoughts, there will be no room for the HOLY SPIRIT to reside effectively within us. 

When we are famished, we may search for an assortment of things to fill us up.  But…if we indulge in healthy snacks throughout the day such as apples, bananas, celery, yogurt, etc. we are hungry for the most important meal, and we won’t begin to substitute our main course with junk. Otherwise, we may miss out on the lobster if we stuff our bodies with potato chips and Little Debbie Snack Cakes!


We will have a healthy physical balance, and our metabolism will be in check if we graze on mini “smart meals” throughout the day.  Our spiritual balance will also be in check when we feast on Him throughout the course of each day.  Feeding on His Holy Word and taking time for “meditations” and “breath prayers” keep our spiritual metabolism balanced.

 Bible 2 

What we hunger for is what we feed on. If we are hungry for God, we will go to Him to fill us up!  “The hungrier for God you are, the more intimate you are with Him.  The more intimate you are the more capacity you have.  And the more capacity you have, the more power and passion you experience.” (Dry Bones Dancing by Tony Evans).  Just as food gives us energy and strength…..His provision satisfies not just our spiritual needs but ALL that we need to SURVIVE.

When we feed on Him….He supplies us with His LOVE, His JOY, His PEACE, His SELF-CONTROL, His KINDNESS, His GRACE and GOODNESS, His MERCY, His FAITHFULNESS (Galatians 5:22)….you name it…..He has the BEST FRUIT for us….all wrapped up in His Spirit within us…..

BUT it’s up to us to partake!

 Strawberry Banana Grape 

Start your day with with a healthy breakfast….

His plate kick-starts our day to be BLESSED!

No need to check the menu…..His nutrients satisfy completely.

 Gold Cross 

If we indulge in the “SPECIAL” of the day…

we will maintain a WELL BALANCED DIET!

If you feel empty, go to His refrigerator…it has your picture on it!







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