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Verse and Message (Thursday, June 14, 2007) June 14, 2007

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John 7:38

“Whoever believes in me, as the Scripture has said, streams of living water will flow from within him.”

 Gold Cross 

Revelation 7:17
“For the Lamb at the center of the throne will be their shepherd; he will lead them to springs of living water. And God will wipe away every tear from their eyes.”

According to Webster, the following describes the term DRY:

-Characterized by exhaustion of a supply of liquid.

-Devoid of natural moisture.


-Not showing or communicating warmth, enthusiasm, or tender feeling.

According to Webster, the following defines the term DROUGHT:

-A period of dryness especially when prolonged; specifically: one that causes extensive damage to crops or prevents their successful growth.

-A prolonged chronic shortage or lack of something expected or desired.

I went to get my car washed on my lunch break yesterday, and I felt guilty.  I have had my new vehicle since early May yet rain has only fallen on it twice — one time while I was at the beach.  My vehicle was absolutely filthy. 

Alabama state climatologist, John Christy stated to The Birmingham News, “This is the worst level of drought – one that has only a 1 percent or 2 percent chance of occurrence.” Christy claims that this is the driest period from January to date in Alabama in 114 years. 

The drought intensity has prompted strict regulations in local water usage.  In fact, if I had chosen to wash my car myself yesterday, I could have been hit with a hefty fine, or worse, I could have been placed behind bars! 

 Ice Water 

We don’t appreciate a valuable commodity such as water until we find ourselves in a miserably dry predicament!  Our spiritual condition can also suffer dryness that can lead to severe drought.  The only difference is that we have the “choice” to consume as much or as little liquid refreshment from our Water Source.  There is an unlimited amount of Living Water available, but it is up to us to drink it! 

I pray every day that I will always recognize my need and desire for my Savior! In other words….it’s a GOOD THING TO BE THIRSTY!  Our heart requires Living Water to survive the dry environment we must endure in this world!  If we refuse to saturate ourselves with our Water Source, we will become so dehydrated that the condition of our heart will suffer intense drought levels!

The only way we can maintain that liquid nourishment is to soak in that refreshment with frequent water stops.  This means we must drink up when we wake up and open our eyes to the blessing of each new day; we must drink up when we study His very COOL WORD to kick start each morning; we must drink up His blessings throughout the day with breath prayers of thankfulness in addition to concern and focus for others; we must drink up  healthy relationships that provide spiritual strength and vitality; and finally, we must drink up His fluid of love to give us rest as we close our eyes each evening. 

We all neglect His refreshment at times.  To satisfy a parched spirit becomes less of a priority when we race through each day.  I have participated in some races whereby I have become so focused on a fast pace that I made the decision to bypass a water stop along the course. I have learned that when I skip a water stop in a race, I soon regret that decision. 


We must try to resist becoming too busy or in such a hurry in our daily lives.  Otherwise, we will skip our opportunity to soak in the Savior.  His provision allows us to flourish when the world around us is cracking.  In fact, when we are drenched in His Amazing Spirit we become thoroughly hydrated!  We are able to splash that refreshment onto others.  He provides us more than we can ever imagine consuming so that we are able to release it to those desperately dry and in need of encouragement and strength. 

If you are struggling in a state of spiritual emptiness, dryness, and despair, there is a Beautiful Stream in the desert calling to YOU.  “As you face such desperation, the GOOD NEWS is that you don’t have to give up.  You don’t have to run away.  No matter how dry and hopeless you are, these bones can live again.  These bones can thrive again.  These bones can rejoice again.” (Dry Bones Dancing-Tony Evans) 

“What springs to quench my thirst are there?”

“I heard the flow of hidden springs.” L.B. Cowman 


 Jesus Fish 


  In The Pool 







**For those of you who have been receiving my email for awhile realize that I have been an active member of Church of the Highlands since December of 2003.  I would like to invite you to join us this upcoming weekend as well as the following weekend for our Sunday service.  We will be meeting for the final time at Mountain Brook High School this upcoming Sunday, June 17….  BECAUSE….we will be moving into our new worship home on the following Sunday, June 24. (Located at the corner of Grants Mill Road and Overton Road).  This is a real exciting time for us, and we would love for you to be a part of this amazing and blessed transition!     Our service times are 8 am, 9:30 am, and 11:15 am.  I hope to see you there!**

God bless you all…..and Happy Father’s Day to all of you Dad’s!

 Dad's Breakfast In Bed 


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