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His Ways Are Higher April 27, 2007

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The daughter of a tennis friend of my mother was in a horrific car accident a couple weeks ago.  Her name is Emily Caldwell, and even though I do not know her personally, I had the opportunity to visit the website that shares her progression of healing.  I guarantee you will be blessed if you take a minute to visit:

I have been so amazed at the touching letters that have been shared in her guestbook.  I logged onto the website tonight for my third entry to the Caldwell family, and I wanted to share with you what I had written.  Justin Zehnder, a fellow running friend of mine, sent me an email on his update regarding his severe thyroid and adrenal disease.  I was inspired at the end of his email how profound his faith has been during such a time….therefore, I shared his quote with the Caldwell family on Emily’s website.  The following was written by Justin that I relayed to the Caldwell family:

“From our point of view, it seems that God is slow in answering prayers and/or blessing us to the full, but our perspective of time is not on God’s level and God’s ways are infinitely higher than ours.”  I also wanted to include the verse that I love from the Word that clearly reflects this sentiment:

Isaiah 55:9
“As the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts.

Remember, God places people, events, emails, moments, etc in our lives that are meant to be shared and to provide HOPE and inspiration others.  So if you see this thought today, and you know someone who could use the encouragement……send that person this blog link and tell them that you love them.

FYI, if you ever need to locate a verse and you cannot recall the particular passage, go to and type in a couple of words you remember, and it will pull up all the verses that include a match for those words.  That’s how I was able to recollect the aforementioned verse……It sure would be a fantastic verse to memorize. 

This was my “official” first entry into Susie Mc’s blog….hope I did this right..hehehe.  I am not the technical expert, but it sure is fun to try!  To all of you out there reading….have a beautiful Friday….and please keep Emily Caldwell in addition to Justin Zehnder in your prayers for healing!

Susie Mc — Isaiah 40:31


2 Responses to “His Ways Are Higher”

  1. Betsy Yoe Says:

    I am so proud of you!!! What a great job, it is always hard learning how to do new things, but definately worth the reward!!!!

  2. stacie Says:

    hey susie mc!
    i’m glad you have a blog now. i added you to my list of friends! thanks! see you soon, stacie

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